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Adulting Made Easy: 7 Financial Services On GCash

Looking for an easier way to manage your transactions?

Here’s a familiar situation: you check your wallet but find absolutely nothing. To make matters worse, you barely remember what you spent your hard-earned money on. If you feel like this happens too often, you may want to consider switching to an e-wallet, which is a digital account that allows you to manage your finances through your smartphone. 

E-wallet apps like GCash have truly revolutionized personal finance. GCash offers bank and money transfers, bill and utility payments and even saving and investment options conveniently packaged in a single app. Here are ways that it can help you stay on top of your #adulting duties. 

  • Settle your bills and utilities. 

Tired of waiting in line at payment centers? Through the app, you can pay for all your necessities: water, electricity, credit card bills, loans and even government fees. Best of all, you can save your billers for succeeding hassle-free transactions and even set monthly reminders so your bills are always on time. 

  • Send money with ease.

Transacting with banks has its downsides: limited hours, long queues and unexpected fees. The GCash app allows anyone to make transfers to any of its partner banks for free in real-time. 

Additionally, you can send money directly to other GCash users with no extra charges. Say goodbye to ATM withdrawals and multiple money apps!

  • Jumpstart your savings.

High initial deposits and maintaining balances make it hard for people to start a savings account with local banks. On the other hand, GCash gives you an arguably much better option, so you can save without worrying 

In partnership with CIMB, one of ASEAN’s largest banks, you can open a savings account with no initial deposit or maintaining balance. Every amount deposited is guaranteed to earn an annual 3 percent interest  beating the rates of most commercial banks. You can also use your savings for GCash’s other functions.

  • Cash-out your balance. 

In need of pocket money? GCash allows you to cash out your online balance through its partner outlets, as well as through ATMs with the GCash card. You can also transfer money directly to your other personal bank accounts through the app.

  • Set up an investment plan.

The word “investment” can be intimidating for most people. With GCash, you can make the step towards financial growth with a minimum investment of just P50. All you need to do is verify your account, take a quick test for your investment profile and subscribe to a recommended fund. The app lets you track your investment’s progress and sets reminders if you want to add to your fund regularly.

  • Get a personal credit line. 

When petsa de peligro rolls around, you may find yourself trying to budget your remaining money to meet your needs. Through GCredit, you have access to a personal credit line that allows you to pay your bills, buy groceries and more.

GCredit allows you a line of up to P30,000 with a pro-rated 5 percent interest rate based on the number of days following your loan. This revolving credit line can be used in over 6,000 partner store and billers.

  • Go shopping online.

Need a fuss-free way of paying at your favorite online shop? GCash is accepted by major shopping websites like Lazada, Shopee and Zalora. It also makes payment a breeze with its online credit card powered by American Express. 

By registering to American Express Virtual Pay through the app, you can check out with ease in local and international online stores and even make Google Play or App Store purchases.

Making Finances Matter With Globe

With GCash’s capabilities, keeping tabs on your finances can be simple. Buying or borrowing load for your prepaid SIM can even be done through the app. So what are you waiting for? Make adulting easier and download Gcash now for iOS or Android!

Learn more about GCash by clicking here.

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