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Float Swimwear Celebrates Mother’s Day With Mom-Friendly Swimwear | go! | Globe
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Float Swimwear Celebrates Mother’s Day With Mom-Friendly Swimwear

With it comes a love letter to all the wonderful moms

Dear Mother,

Shame was the smoke that lingered in your mirrors. The expectation to be modest and unblemished, a vessel only valued for its fruit. You were conditioned to embrace your purpose, but not your power. As if the world had the right to tell you how to use your body. And yet, through fear and joy, pleasure and pain, you emerge triumphant. If you can birth life, you can create anything.

Listen closely: love yourself as much as you love your baby. Though she leaves your body, her heartbeat is still an echo of yours. You are raising a child, but still growing yourself. You don't have to look or act or feed the way they say. Trust your body, trust your instincts, trust the process. Though the world keeps telling us they know better, wear what you like.

Go ahead and strip away all the layers of shame and expectation. Your body is yours: for pleasure, for purpose, for nourishment, for fun. As your body goes through the seasons, let it change and blossom and bear fruit...This is a transformation that should never be covered up. Clothe yourself with the confidence that you know exactly what your body can do.

Happy Mother's Day! <3


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Float Swimwear, since its inception, is known for swimwear you can live in. The styles are classic but never boring thanks to bow or ruffle details here and there, and fresh colorways that make it wearable right now. Theirs is also a swimsuit brand that has something for everyone regardless of color, size or shape. They’ve expanded to caps, shirts and dresses, too, that go well with any of their swimsuits or stuff you might already have. But just when we thought there wasn’t any more to add to our list of faves, the brand took a step further and made breastfeeding-friendly swimwear. Because who said moms can’t rock or live in a swimsuit, too?

Shop the collection starting this weekend at

Words Sarah Santiago

Art Alex Lara

Vibe check! How does this make you feel?

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