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5 Food Delivery Services Still Available During Community Quarantine - go!
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Food Delivery Services That Are Still Available

It’s business as usual…just slightly different

The world is constantly changing, but the last few weeks have truly challenged our ability to adapt to changing times. But while we’ve had to adjust our daily routines, there are companies out there that are trying to keep things as normal as they can. Fortunately for us, a number of these companies are in food delivery services. 

After all, we still need our fixes from some of our favorites, do we not?

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McDonald’s Philippines is still up and running, making deliveries from their simplified menu. This means no breakfast meals and no limited-offer items, so there are no Sausage Egg McMuffins in our near future—we’ll have to make do with McNuggets and French Fries for now. Also important to note that they’re only taking calls from 7AM to 5:30PM, so plan ahead!

Also, don’t take it personally, but some branches have closed altogether, so delivery also depends on your location. 


Just the same, Jollibee has limited their services from 10AM to 5PM, with some stores around the country closing shop and those that are still open are only available for take-out and drive-thru. Sometimes you just need that Jollyhotdog and Chickenjoy fix, you know? 


On the other hand, KFC has extended their delivery hours to cater to as many orders as they can. If you don’t recall, they had a 9:30PM cutoff pre-enhanced community quarantine, so you have better chances at a nigh cap from them. 

Also, KFC is all about the cashless transactions now. Credit cards are being accepted for online orders and drive-thru transactions. If you still prefer handing over cash, however, you can still do so—just wash your hands after, yes?

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For some nutrition that doesn’t necessarily come from fast food, we’re saying thank you to GrabFood. With partners in practically every cuisine (if they restaurant is still open, that is), you’re sure to find something to sink your teeth into it. 

Food Panda

Another option is, of course, Food Panda. It really all boils down to preference in this case. Or why not switch things up between the two and support them both?

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While plenty of companies with food delivery services have had to cut down their delivery time windows and have had to withdraw their 30-minute commitments entirely, they’re still around. To these frontliners and all the others, thank you for giving this life a little resemblance of normalcy. In exchange, may we suggest offering a little bit of patience and respect for the protocols?

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Matthew Fetalver

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