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The Freshest Looks From Wanderland 2017 | go! | Globe
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The Freshest Looks We’ve Seen At Wanderland 2017

Florals, fishnet stockings and some of the freshest looks we’ve seen at the biggest music festival of the year

Debbie Fermin


We’re taking style notes from Debbie who looked ladylike and lovely in fresh florals.

Ida Anduyan


Our girl Ida was a breath of fresh air in easy breezy blues. And that frayed choker? Ev-ry-thing.

Jappy Agoncillo


Jappy, who was one of this year’s featured artists, deserves a spot on the list for looking that good while at work. Plus points for the funky socks!

Nica Rama


No one was as brave as Nica, who rocked fishnet-stockings like it was nobody’s business. And the color palette, so on point.

Martin Del Rosario


The white sando and ripped jeans combo never looked as good as it did on Martin.

Jesh Javier


Because where else can you wear swimwear as outerwear? Jesh showed us exactly how.




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