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Fun Things To Do If You’re Single This V-Day

Forget couples’ V-day! Valentine’s is for singles, too


Laugh out loud

You’re probably only sad because V-day is the one day in a year that the world rubs your #foreversingle status in your face. We bet that on any other given day, you’re fine with singlehood and enjoying your freedom. So make it easier for yourself and forego binge-watching sappy rom-coms. Why not watch something funny, like new Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet, which premieres today, February 3! Besides, Drew Barrymore makes for a hot-mom-“dead that’s also undead.” Cause you know, “zombies” is so negative.



Throw a Singles Party!

Bond with your best single female friends or make it a fun soiree and invite your single guy friends, too. Keep it casual so nobody feels pressured to get their romance on. Have a food fest during the weekend and check out the city’s budding food park scene. You can celebrate mid-week, too, instead of V-day itself, so you’re not surrounded by love-struck couples. How about Wine-All-You-Can at Torch (P400/head, Mondays to Thursdays, 6PM to 12MN)? We suggest the Merlot for a light and smooth vino party!


Retail therapy

Who says V-day shopping should only be for people with S.O.’s? Celebrate your awesome-ness and #loveyourself with some well-deserved retail therapy. Take advantage of the holiday and shop online at Lazada, Sephora and Zalora. We heard they have special offers for Valentine’s!


Get a hobby

Seriously. Life’s not just about work or finding the right guy or gal. It’s also about a brighter, better you. So this hearts day, don’t be #bitter and instead, focus all that energy on trying something new. How about trying your hand on canvas? Learn how to paint at Sip & Gogh, where you can enjoy some wine, cheese and pretend your Van Gogh. Or better yet, check out the art, music and coffee scene at 55 Square Café in Katipunan, where they serve up the best local food and bev everyday paired with really good local art and music!



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