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To Get Or Not To Get A Local Sim While Abroad

The pros and cons of purchasing local sim cards during your travels 

Travelling has gotten a lot easier over the years, so it’s understandable why so many of us choose to go abroad for those off days. It’s a great way to spend time with family, broaden your horizons and open your eyes to the different cultures of the world. But while booking flights and lodging has become easier, there is still the hurdle of staying connected while you travel.

Some of us opt to buy local sim cards from the country that we’re visiting. But is this really the best option?

The pros of getting your hands on a local sim

It seems to be a general rule with Filipinos that you take the cheaper option if it doesn’t give you much of an inconvenience. And really, this is the big benefit of purchasing a local sim. You’ll be paying only as much as a local does, so you’ll be able to check in with your home and friends without counting down the minutes and seconds.

It’s also relatively easy to get your hands on a local number. You’re likely to find an electronic store in the airport that you land in and—if you can speak to the store clerks properly—you’ll have that sim quickly. Some airports even have sim card vending machines to make things easier for tourists.

The cons of having to buy a local sim

Then again, buying a local sim card does have its frustrating aspects, too. Some countries have caught on the trend and require proof of residency when buying a local sim card. Likewise, there’s also a language barrier in countries that don’t speak English. 

Purchasing a local sim also changes your number, which means that you’ll have to inform every one of your new digits. So if your Philippine-based number needs to stay active, then you’re out of luck. 

Another thing is that if you’re travelling to a lot of countries, you’ll be going through and collecting a lot of sim cards. Not to mention, getting a local sim card might be cheap personally, but it will be expensive for the ones trying to get in touch with you.

A middle ground

The trick is to find a deal that gives you the best of both worlds. Stay connected internationally with Globe Roam Surf Extended. The new plan allows you to use your current sim card in various countries* without breaking the bank. In fact, your roaming plan gets cheaper the more days that you use it. 

How you stay connected during your travels could make or break your vacation, simply because it's more efficient to have a world of information at your fingertips. So before you get on that plane, make sure you have this all-important decision nailed down. 

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 *Available in Australia, South Korea, and the US

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