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3 Reasons to Get ThePLAN 1499

Looking for a plan that was made for your (digital) lifestyle? You best believe we’ve got the one for you

Here’s a plan befitting for your digital lifestyle! With comprehensive call and text plans, a larger-than-life mobile internet data and entertainment streaming services, it caters to all your needs. Still having doubts? Let us count the ways.

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Call and text all day!

With unlimited texts to all networks and unlimited calls to Globe/TM subscribers, it’s easier for you to update your loved ones and spend more time with those who matter—without worrying about possible bill shock. It’s a win-win situation, really.

There’s a larger-than-life 16GB mobile internet data.

Get up to speed with all things happening now—pop culture, news, entertainment…you name it. Post that outfit shot on your Instagram, watch another #MukbangChallenge video, order food online, listen to your weekly Spotify release radar or even play another round of Final Fantasy. You do you!

Have your personal theater—right at your fingertips.

Fulfill your entertainment needs with these online entertainment platforms: Amazon Prime Video, DisneyLife, iflixVIP with 6 months subscription and Spotify Premium with 1GB allocation per month for 3 months. You can even stream and download your favorite shows from Netflix, YouTube, Viu and more via GoWATCH for those long commutes home. Boredom? We don’t know her!

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Think the PLAN1499 caters to your needs? Whether it’s for leisure, work or both, it’s easy to purchase the plan online. Just click here and enjoy your plan with a 6 months contract period, free SIM card shipping, and C.O.D available.

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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