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A Gift List Based On Personality - go!
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A Gift List for Every Personality

These gift ideas will make it seem like you really thought about things

People always say that Christmas is a time for giving, but sometimes this practice can sometimes feel like an obligation. It can get difficult to think of a special gift for every single person on your Christmas list—which is why so many of us get general presents this time of the year. 

But there is a solution, a way to make gift-giving fun again (or at least easier). Just describe your loved one in your head and roll with what they’ll need, enjoy or use.  And if you still need help, we’re here to help you.

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The one that’s beauty obsessed

The risk with beauty is that you might end up buying something that doesn’t flatter or won’t be used. So to make sure that your gift won’t be given to someone else, go for something that’s universal. 


Kylie Cosmetics Dolce K



Benefit Brow Contour Pro



Sephora Cleansing Wipes


Kylie Cosmetics is highly coveted, but the Dolce K shade is universal and flattering for all skin tones. Meanwhile, the Benefit Brow Contour Pro is great whether or not the person is an expert or just getting into the brow game, high maintenance or low maintenance. And of course, what does every beauty-obsessed person need at the end of the day? A way to properly, safety and effectively clean their face. 

The one that’s techie

The techies in your life are generally easy to please. They’ll usually all buy more particular items for themselves and all you’ll have to do is find something that can complement their lifestyle. 


Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker



Aukey Powerbank



Boompods Bassline


Complementing their tech-savviness isn’t all that difficult. If they’re audiophiles, get a speaker that will undoubtedly heighten their listen experience or a subtle pair of earphones for some solo-listening. And because they’ll definitely need a gadget or two throughout the day, a powerbank is a definite must. 

The one with wanderlust

Nowadays, everyone is looking for a quick getaway from work, the city and the stresses that seem to inhabit it. We know you know someone who loves climbing mountains, visiting old cities and getting up close and personal with cultures. 


Larosso Hiking Backpack



EsoGoal Neck Support Pillow



Travel Bag Organizer


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Travel essentials are essentials, but not everyone wants to spend on them. They’ll find other ways to sleep on a bus, train or plane and they’ll make do with the luggage and bags that they already have; they’ll throw in their clothes haphazardly. Make their lives easier and make their travels more enjoyable with the little things: a new backpack, a neck pillow and a travel organizer.

The one that loves to dress up (for comfort)

Clothes can sometimes be considered a general gift, but when it fits a personality, it automatically becomes a favorite. 


NB 574 Classic



Hawkins Letterman Jacket



Logo Tee


The trick here is to give everyday items that have a little more personality. Do it with color, get some official merchandise of their favorite show or even just a classic with a trendy twist. 

The one that’s your #fitspiration 

This season, make your fitspiration feel like you do more than just look up to them; you support them!


Duffle Gym Bag



Atmos Smart Fitness Band



BVS Yoga Mat


Fitness trends come and go, sometimes get boring and sometimes get frustrating to do. Meet everything in the middle with items that your fit loved one will use no matter what type of workout they’re into during the year. Whether for cycling, martial arts, weights or just cardio, a gym bag and a fitness band are always going to be useful. On the other hand, having your own yoga mat is necessary—no one wants to share or borrow. 

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Christmas season is supposed to be festive and fun, so please don’t get caught up in the stresses of buying gifts. Whatever your budget and whoever you’re gifting for, give yourself the easiest time possible!

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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