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7 Gifts You Can Give Yourself This Christmas - go!
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7 Gifts You Can Give Yourself This Christmas

The gift of self-care can look a little something like this

Ah, Christmas! Without a doubt, this is nearly everyone’s favorite season. It’s the time of the year for sharing and giving, which means taking stock of loved ones to get presents for before the holiday madness goes into full swing. 

We often rally at our favorite shops and department stores just to get presents for other people. But what about you? Don’t forget to give back to yourself by carving out time to select a present for you, too. You deserve to feel loved and pampered just as much as you believe your loved ones deserve the treat. 

Ahead, seven gift ideas you can consider for self-gifting this year!

A Skincare Kit

Skincare is tough to shop for when it comes to copping items for other people. But since you know yourself and your skin concerns well, this ought to make a great Christmas present you can treat yourself to. A skincare kit from your favorite brand can be a practical gift idea especially if you already know what items work well with your skin type. This season, why not spring for a full-blown bundle or holiday boxed set?

Nifty Kitchen Gadgets

There’s nothing like a practical but out-of-the-ordinary kitchen tool to make your everyday meal prep a lot easier. Consider those cool, gone-viral kitchen gadgets that have taken TikTok by storm! From the most basic ones like an electric food chopper and the three-in-one basin and drainer set to the more elaborate kitchen gifts like a brand-new coffee maker or water carbonator, this Christmas is the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen in small ways.

Cooling Bedding for Better Sleep

Ready to meet one of the most underrated gifts ever? A good set of high-quality bedsheets can change the way you rest every night. Now, a soft new fitted sheet and pillowcase might not just be enough; add a cooling effect to your night routines and you’re sure to secure the best sleep of your life. This is a great investment for another scorching hot summer to come in 2023.

A Staycation or Vacation Package

You worked hard this year. Spending a couple of days without anything to worry about is definitely a gift you can give yourself. Unplug. Zone out. Reset. You’re free to pick between a staycation within the city at a fancy, luxurious hotel or opt for a simple Airbnb away from Manila. Allow yourself to unwind and take a break this holiday season. It’s never too late to book that vacation you’ve always wanted to get to; and if you’re looking for a sign, this is it!

That Book You’ve Been Meaning to Read

If you’ve put off reading for leisure for a long time, why not get a jumpstart on your 2023 reading goals or resolutions by taking it easy this Christmas season? Take yourself out on a bookstore date and get started on building your 2023 to-be-read library.

A Voucher for a New Experience 

Excited to make the upcoming year action-packed and adventure-filled? As the world continues to open up, more and more experience-based services are also coming back left and right. The best part is that you don’t have to go very far to experience these activities. Take a baking class, spend a weekend in a trampoline park, or try airsoft for the first time. The possibilities are endless for this option.

A Premium Hair Tool Such as a Styler or Drier

Hairstyling irons, heatless hair driers, and other hair gadgets are just some of the most in-demand products as people see the benefit of investing in premium tools they can get the mileage out of. There’s simply nothing like a quick and easy styling session in the morning to get your days started. Treat yourself this season with a gift that will cut your future get-ready-with-me time by half. (You’ll thank yourself later.)

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