Sometimes The Best Things In Life Don't Require Commitment

Who doesn’t love a worthwhile deal without any responsibilities?


People say that when things seem too good to be true, it’s because they actually are too good to be true. A credit card that’s practically handed to you comes with an insane interest rate, a cheap buffet doesn’t have quality picks and a free ride will always get you to your destination slower than if you had opted to pay for it. We know the feeling – but we also have the one exception.


With Globe at Home’s latest broadband offering, you can enjoy fast internet for up to 3 months for just P499. And the best part? There are no strings attached. No lock up, no installment fee and virtually no required documents (except for one valid ID). And while you will have to pay a one-time modem fee, it’s completely refundable within the first fifteen days should you decide to go back on the offer. And did we mention that it also comes with access to Netflix (6 months), Disney (6 months) and HOOQ (2 months)? Yes, things really can be that good.



And even if you are currently signed up with another internet provider, Globe still has you covered. In fact, the deal gets even sweeter.


The Globe at Home Switcher Plan offers the trial completely free, again with no lock up and a money-back guarantee. You’ll get the same 3 month trial with a refundable modem fee within 15 days and the same free streaming add-ons, too. Leave your worry and doubt behind because of the free installation and practically zero document requirements.



 So yes, sometimes things really do come without attachments and open up as pretty as they are packaged. Take a breath and be part of this no-strings, all-out deal from Globe at Home. You won’t regret it – there’s just no room for it. Exclusive offer for Globe Stores, Inbound and Online only. 

Adie Pieraz

grew up with numbers but fell in love with words by the time she reached her teenage years. She likes to surround herself with mellow music, delicious food and funny fail videos.

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is a creative that loves to tell stories through art direction and curating images that capture, inspire and excite whoever sees them.

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