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Here's What Happened at Hannah Pangilinan's Cozy Streaming Party | go! | Globe
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Here’s What Happened at Hannah Pangilinan’s Cozy Streaming Party

Missed Hannah’s streaming party with Globe At Home? We've got you covered

With movies, music, and lots of stories exchanged in between, there’s truly nothing like a slumber party to get you and your friends closer than ever. Breaking the fourth wall, vlogger Hannah Pangilinan joined forces with Globe At Home to host a sleepover-themed party with some of her biggest oHannahs.

In the spirit of creating her #BestHomeYet, Globe At Home challenged Hannah to redecorate her room ahead of the big day. And no, we aren’t just talking about getting her Konmari on—we mean a total overhaul, wi-fi connectivity included! With the help of oHannahs who submitted their room pegs with the hashtag #GlobeAtHomexHannah, the vlogger revamped her and her sister’s shared bedroom. The result? A safe, well-organized space (with fast, reliable internet connection and an upgraded digital entertainment experience, at that!).

Among the fans who submitted their inspiring design ideas, 35 to 40 were chosen to attend Hannah’s cozy streaming party on January 13 at The Studio in Fully Booked High Street, Bonifacio Global City. In case you missed out, don’t worry: we’ve recounted all the big things that happened below!

Instagram Live

While only a select number of fans were selected to join Hannah for the event, the vlogger made sure no oHannah was left out. Keeping all her followers in the loop, Hannah broadcasted the big moments of the party on Instagram Live.

Movie Streaming

What good is a sleepover without a couple of chick flicks in the equation? Making the most of the high-speed wi-fi modems installed at the venue, Hannah and her fans gathered to bond over some of her favorite films with a little help from the Roku Streamwatch Device.

Game Time!

Always one for keeping things fun, Hannah threw a few quick games and pop quizzes into the mix. oHannahs present at the venue and keeping up with the event via Instagram live alike were challenged to pop quizzes about Hannah and her favorite movies. Attendees were also tasked to divide themselves into groups of 4 for a game of bring me. The theme? Items similar to Hannah’s newly made-over bedroom! Winners got to stake their claim over prizes like Globe At Home devices, HOOQ bags, and of course, hard-earned bragging rights.

Live Performance

Holding music ever close to her heart, Hannah just couldn’t host a party without preparing a performance for her fans. Following the announcement that she would be moving abroad to study, Hannah wore her heart on her sleeve and revealed a new single for the first time.

Making the most of her last few moments with her beloved oHannahs, Hannah Pangilinan turned what was a simple room makeover challenge into something far more meaningful. With Globe At Home, Hannah created not only her #BestHomeYet, but found a home in the company of her oHannahs.

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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