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How To Celebrate Valentines For The Single, Taken Or It’s Complicated | go! | Globe
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How To Celebrate Valentines For The Single, Taken Or It’s Complicated

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and complexity 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you’re probably either looking forward to it or dreading it. It’s a day that celebrates love and has been traditionally celebrated by couples around the world—leaving the rest of the population in a bitter state of loneliness.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love; it’s about friendship, self-appreciation and family, which means that anyone can and should celebrate it. And for those that don’t believe in the holiday, then you might as well take advantage of all the offers and events. 

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If you’re single

Have a sleepover

There might be no better way to spread the love between friends than throwing an old-school sleepover with adult perks. Bring out the wine, cheese and horror movies, sit in front of the television set scream to your heart’s delight. When the credits start to roll, just let the screen go black and talk about life. Take it a notch further and confiscate all phones after dinner (also maybe as a precaution).

Go to the spa

If your friends aren’t feeling nostalgic, treat yourself out to a spa day instead. With all the couples’ rooms booked, you’re bound to find an appointment that you can revel in. Have a facial, get a full-body massage and walk out of that spa feeling like the million bucks that you are—and don’t for one second feel guilty about treating yourself.

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If you’re taken

Take a trip

The city’s restaurants are sure to be full of table-for-twos at all lunch and dinner hours, so why not get out of the Metro and hit somewhere a little cooler instead? We assure you the traffic might be a headache, but once you get out of city streets, things are sure to be a little looser.

Don’t make it about the destination, make it about the journey—as cheesy as that sounds. Prepare an amazing playlist that you’ll both enjoy and can sing to the top of your lungs, too, pack some snacks that will make a mess of your fingers and put the AC on full blast.

Binge a series

Then again, if getting stuck in a car is just not something you ever look forward to, keep things close to home instead. Start on a new series together, finally carve out some time to stream that documentary you’ve both had your eye on, watch an old black-and-white favorite.

And while a couch is great fun, take the experience a notch further by first building a fort together. Nestle your heads under a blanket cover of your own design and soak in each other’s creative energy. Make it fun, make it interesting—make it memorable.

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If you’re somewhere in the complicated in-between

Cook dinner

If your status is secretly “it’s complicated” and you want to clean things up, Valentine’s Day might just be the perfect opportunity to do so. Spend some quality time with them and cook dinner for one another, which is sure to get the conversation going. And even if it doesn’t, you’ll at least see how you two work together.

Go out with friends

Then again, if you aren’t in the right place to define the relationship just yet, celebrate the day together but keep it fun and casual. Go out with each other’s friends and have a few drinks together and share a good meal. The more people there are, the less tense the situation will be.

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Another great way to celebrate the holidays, whether you’re single, taken or still feeling things out? Catch performances from Reese Linsangan, Clara Benin, Bullet Dumas, Johnoy Danao and Ebe Dancel during Ensemble: A Valentine Concert, co-produced by Globe Live and Bonifacio High Street, this February 17, 2018 at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre. Click here to find out more. 

Whatever your status, whatever your love situation and whatever baggage you have, there is reason to celebrate February. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Ara Custodio

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