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How To Fix Home WiFi Problems - go!
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Home WiFi Problems? Here's How To Fix it Quick

We list down what could be influencing your WiFi connection

We can all agree that today's digital age makes us all highly dependent on the internet. It could be for keeping up to date with the latest news, watching shows online or connecting with relatives overseas. Whatever the situation, we highly depend on our home WiFi connection. 


With just one click, we can access a world of information and entertainment. So when we find ourselves in a situation where our videos start buffering or an article takes forever to load, we often blame the internet connection. But there are things to consider and personally work on to help improve our WiFi experience. And the best part is that we can do it ourselves without any help. 



1 Location

An optimal location to place your router is an open space or area inside your home. It shouldn’t be on the floor or near any body of water, whether an aquarium or water container, and you definitely shouldn’t cover it. Also keep in mind that your WiFi connection can be best enjoyed when your devices are located close to the router. The closer your devices are to the router, the stronger the WiFi signal.


2 Obstruction

For the same reason you shouldn’t cover your router, you should also be mindful of any obstructions. Concrete walls (especially thicker ones!), mirrors and doors may weaken your WiFi signal. So don't be surpised if you're having trouble getting WiFi while you're in the bedroom and your router is in the living room.


3 Interference

Remember that signals that come from different appliances can interfere with each other, which means that things like microwave ovens may cause interference to your WiFi. So make sure to keep your router away from your microwave!


4 Securing your network

Ever thought about the possibility that someone is using your internet connection without permission? This could be one of the reasons why you experience slow internet connection - which is why it’s important to secure your network with a strong password. Passwords are meant to keep your accounts safe and secure, so it's highly advised not to share your WiFi password with anyone. Similarly, your password shouldn’t be easy to guess! Stay away from birthdays, phone numbers and the names of your loved ones.


5 Number of users and connected devices

Remember that everyone shares a specific amount of bandwidth, which means that WiFi is slower when more people and devices are connected, whether or not the connection is actually being used.


6 WiFi extenders

Walls tend to obstruct your connection, but one of the best ways to expand the reach of your WiFi is through the use of WiFi extenders. WiFi extenders, which most service providers offer and ensure are compatible with your router, are gadgets that enlarge the area your WiFi reaches. This means that with the help of these extenders, you can enjoy WiFi in every corner of your home.


Check out this video below.



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