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Slow Internet Problems & How You Can Fix It 👌 - go!
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Slow Internet Problems & How To Fix It – For Real This Time

Because how are you supposed to binge on your favorite shows without proper internet connection?

We may have started with dial-up connection, but tech has developed exponentially since those dark and slow days. There is no longer a need for a free phone line to connect to the internet, there isn’t even a need for a proper computer because all you need now is a smartphone. We’ve basically been spoiled by technology, where everything is available at our fingertips—for the most part. Unfortunately, there are still places that the big ol’ internet has not fully embraced and connection is often slow in these places. And if you’re in those places, there is no doubt you’ve experienced the troubles listed below.

Slow Internet Problem # 1: Long wait times

Because when you get home from a long day at school or at work, all you want to do is watch one of your favorite shows to unwind. But oh, look at that, it’s taking too long to load and you couldn’t be bothered to leave the computer on the whole day to download it. Now you’re never going to know whether or not that thing you’ve been waiting for will finally happen on that show you watch.

Slow Internet Problem # 2: Uploading stress

Whatever state of life you’re in, you probably have deadlines. Specific deadlines with a time limit are particularly the worst. And sometimes the stress you experience when the clock is at 11:58, your deadline is at 12 and your project or paper or presentation is only 37 percent uploaded…well, you just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Slow Internet Problem # 3: Inefficiency

It’s difficult to get anything done when everything coming in and going out is slow. You need to get information, but the page won’t load. You need to download images, but they’re too big to get. And when something is a priority, it’s hard to focus on anything else. The result? Inefficiency and less output. 

But here’s how you can fix it.

Globe At Home Fibre is now available in more areas in Cavite, which means more people and more places can experience first world internet speeds. Just imagine, all the above issues will cease to be issues, and all you have to do is visit the closest Globe Store or dial (2) 730 1010 to learn more. And not only do you get faster internet speeds, but you’ll also get six months of DisneyLife, Hooq, iflix, Amazon Prime Video and Fox+.  

Areas include Project 3, Project 4, Eastwood, Murphy, Anonas, New Manila, Kamias, Cubao and Tomas Morato. Find more locations here. We’ll see you on the other side!

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