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Itching To Start The New Year? Here’s How To Get A Head Start

For those of us that just can’t wait for 2018 


It may not make logical sense, but there’s a clock inside all of us that equates the New Year with new opportunities. We’ve all heard ourselves say I’ll get on that next year because, isn't that what New Year’s resolutions are for?


But then again, we also can’t deny how we’ve failed at pushing through with one resolution or another—with the hope of succeeding again when the following year rolls around. But why not help ourselves and get a head start on those goals we have for 2018? Just because we have a few more weeks left doesn’t mean we can’t get started now.



Health and Fitness

Getting ready for a healthy and fit life doesn't have to start immediately, but there are steps to take before making that big leap. For now, start looking around for the best types of workouts and diets that will suit your lifestyle and preferences. There are more than enough options to choose from and with several weeks left in the year, you'll find something that piques your interest. There’s yoga, HIIT, cycling and running, as well as the keto diet, the military diet, and the more traditional pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan diets.



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And if you think you might still back out when 2018 rolls around, enroll for a membership already. It will push you to stick to your plan and here’s an extra bonus: So many studios and gyms offer end-of-the-year promos, as do meal plan providers 




Traveling has become more and more of a trend in recent years, which is why we’re so fortunate that it’s become easier and cheaper to do so. Several airlines have already announced their promos, of which travel period extends to 2018—so why not buy that ticket now and ensure at least one great adventure?


Singapore Airlines (SIA) has partnered up with Globe Platinum to give subscribers three amazing promos that ensure world-class experiences for flights until March 2018. Fly out for four days and three nights to Jakarta, Siem Reap (with one night in Singapore) or Wellington, and see all the best that they have to offer thanks to SIA Holidays. The package covers everything from accommodations and tickets to tours, transportation and food stops. Just book your flight before November 30, 2017 by calling (2) 753 5151 to 52 or 756 8899 local 7001/7002 or sending an email to [email protected] or [email protected].ph. Promo is applicable to Globe Platinum and Platinum Lite customers who are also KrisFlyer members. Not a KrisFlyer member yet? Sign up for free at and start earning miles every time you #FlySQ.  



With personal errands and responsibilities mixed in with work deadlines and tasks, we all get a little lost—read: forgetful—sometimes. The easy solution to that is becoming more organized, but the thought of that can be overwhelming, too.


There are different ways to get organized and you just need to pick one method that works for you. Start carrying a notebook and pen around with you at all times or take advantage of your smartphone’s task or notes feature.


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This resolution is always a big one, especially since no one is getting any younger. But because we all want to make the most of our experiences, it gets a little difficult to save up and not spend on memories. What we all need to keep in mind is that getting out there doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg.


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As early as now, make it a habit to set aside some money from your salary and only spend what’s left behind. Also, be vigilant in checking what the best deals out there are, whether it comes to the bigger travel promos or the everyday coffee offerings. Just remember that every little bit helps. You can even open a second savings account, deposit in a monthly amount and leave that ATM safely locked at home—that way you won’t be able to spend it.



So before we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018, let’s prepare ourselves for the New Year. Why put something off when you can get started on it now?

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