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How to Keep Your Pets Cats and Dogs Safe Throughout the Summer

Don’t leave your pet unprotected!

The onset of summer signals quite a number of changes: there are the crowds flocking to local beaches, the thickening humidity, the scorching sun kicking into full force. However, these escalating temperatures don’t just ring synonymous to things like swimsuits and sunbathing. For pet owners, especially of cats and dogs, the summer is a time to be extra mindful of their fur babies.

Unlike humans, cats and pups don’t have the natural ability to sweat to balance out their body temperature. With only drinking water, panting, and for certain breeds, shedding, as their relief, our household pets are susceptible to heatstroke and other dangers in the summertime. Up ahead, we count the ways to can keep your furry friends safe, even when the heat is at its highest point!

Keep those paws in check

If there’s one part of your pet you ought to pay attention to in the summertime, it’s their paws. Extra sensitive to heat, you don’t want the pads of their paws coming into contact with hot asphalt or scorching hot surfaces. If your pets typically go outside during the hottest times of day, play it safe by making gradual shifts to their walking schedule.

Consider a trim

A common question among pet owners is this: does your pet really need a haircut to match the heat? The answer all boils down to what kind of pet you have, and the thickness of their coat.

Cats, in general, do a great job of regulating heat on their own, which means that shaving their fur won’t do them much benefit. Instead, brush through their coat thoroughly to aid in their shedding. While the same philosophy applies to short-haired dogs with thin fur, those with thicker coats will definitely need a trim to stay cool in the Philippine heat!

Keep an eye out for parasites

Just like the throngs of people who rush to picturesque destinations in the warmer months, parasites like fleas and ticks take the summer as their cue to strike. Your pet cat or dog can easily fall victim to these pests if not given the proper attention and care.

Just how can you keep these pesky creatures at bay? Ensure that your pet is protected with preventive products like oral tablets, spot creams and flea collars. After every trip outside the house, go the extra mile and check your pet’s coat for any lurking fleas and ticks.

Slather on the SPF

While it’s likely that it’s your first time hearing of cats and dogs getting sunburn, it’s a very real possibility. Pets with short and thin coats or lighter skin are especially prone to this. Consider purchasing a sunscreen—but only after consulting your vet, as your pet may be allergic to certain ingredients in topical products.

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Stay cool

As much as your pet loves laying in the sunshine, the truth is that cats and dogs can be extremely sensitive to hot weather. This especially rings true for older pets and flat-faced dogs, who may struggle to breathe properly when faced with high temperatures and humidity.

Thankfully, there’s a long list of ways to help your pet keep their cool despite the summer heat. Electric fans, kept running at a low level, can easily provide immense relief for your pup or cat. Ensure their water bowl is near at all times, and add in a few ice cubes on warmer days. Want to surprise your best friend with a summery treat? Fruit-flavored popsicles are a fun way to cool your pet down on a hot day—just be sure to steer clear of any ingredients they’re allergic to!

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Now that you’ve got pet protection 101 down pat, go forth and celebrate the summer with your fur babies!

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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