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How to Move On According to Camp Sawi

If you’ve just had your heartbroken, know that you’re not alone


Whenever we get our hearts broken, it always feels more devastating than the last. But no matter how many times we’ve cried our eyes out, ate our feelings away, or wandered on our own just to piece ourselves back together again, it doesn’t get any easier or much less painful. The worst part: feeling like the only person in the universe suffering from a breakup. So we’re thankful for movies that get all our feels and empower audiences (particularly women), like Camp Sawi. From the stunning female characters with different heartbreaking stories to tell to the clever and biting one-liners, and an oft-shirtless Sam Milby to the scenic views of Bantayan Island in Cebu, Camp Sawi is like chicken soup for the soul…or the lugaw to a bad hangover…whichever you prefer. Here are some of the things we’ve learned:


Be Angry, It’s Okay

By now, many of us already know there are stages to grief after a breakup. And among those stages, the hardest is probably anger. Growing up, we were told to control our temper, to not get emotional or angry. But the love of your life just walked out the door and tore your heart in pieces. You have every right to feel angry, so go ahead and release that aggression. Eat and break things at Tacsiyapo Wall in Tarlac or sign up for boxing and unleash that rage on a punching bag.


Live A Little

I think we’re all entitled to a night or two of not-so-good decisions. Don’t overthink it and just live a little: go out with friends, have a couple of drinks, go crazy on the dance floor, forget your diet, talk to a former crush…Whatever you do, just make sure to have fun!


Burn After Reading

While we don’t mean this literally, keeping love letters or that teddy bear from your ex will not help you heal. Let go, donate or burn if you must, and move forward. Meanwhile, if you lived together, ask a friend to pick up your stuff from his place or have someone bring over his if he moved out. The less you see the things that remind you of your failed couplehood, the better your chances of recovering from the breakup faster.


“We All Want To Be That Other Girl…”

“Kasi hindi tayo yung kasama niya,” says Andi Eigenmann’s character in the movie. At some point, as the dumpee, we all want to be that girl he or she left us for. STOP. It didn’t work out not because you weren’t good enough; it just simply didn’t. To quote Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, “…If you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher, and if you are prepared—most of all—to face (and forgive) some very difficult realities about yourself...then truth will not be withheld from you.”


Eat Your Feelings

There’s no better cure to a broken heart than really, really good food. Just like a bad hangover, you need greasy goodness (think: bacon, burgers, French fries, pizza, steak), a tub of ice cream, something warm, like ramen, and good ol’ fashioned chocolate (read about its other amazing benefits) to lift your spirits.


“Sino Ba Kasing Broken-Hearted Ang Maganda...”

“Sasaksakin ko,” jokes Bela Padilla’s scorned character. Okay, we’re all allowed to look and feel lousy after a breakup…but only for a few days! As Nat King Cole sang, “Smile though your heart is aching.” Pig out but make up for it at the gym, change your hairstyle, do some retail therapy, go to the spa…Apart from looking good, our point here is: take care of yourself because you deserve it.


Camp Sawi premieres on HOOQ this November.


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