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How To Vlog According To Nas Daily - go!
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How To Vlog According To Nas Daily

The man behind the “How Cheap Is The Philippines?” video tells us what it takes to go viral

There are not a lot of acceptable reasons for not having seen Nas Daily’s videos: Living On $0.00 For A Day and How Cheap Is The Philippines? Seriously, the videos were trending for a few days at least. And while each video lasts just over a minute, we had the opportunity to learn about what it exactly takes to create them.

On February 11, Nuseir Yassin—better known as Nas Daily—visited The Globe Tower to discuss what it takes to make great vlog entries. He was energetic, accommodating and very willing to share his passion during his workshop. And as we learned, making a good video takes more than some good equipment and a pleasing personality.

Choose your audience and consider social media platforms.

Nas posts all of his videos on Facebook and only a few on YouTube. The choice was both strategic and logical, because he has found it easier to upload on Facebook, but also knew that people generally spend more time watching and sharing videos over the same platform as well. 

Have a signature and stick to it. Never stop repeating.

If you watch more than three of his videos, you’ll quickly learn two things about Nas. One, he wears the same shirt design in all his videos (fan girl/boy? Get your Nas shirt here). And before you get grossed out, he has more than one! The other thing is that he always signs off by saying, “That’s one minute! See you tomorrow.” Having signature lines or moves are important because it gives your audience something to associate you with.

Keep things interesting and keep things short.

Nas was nice enough to review a few of the audience’s videos on Saturday, and we learned how important it is to immediately grab a viewer’s attention. Don’t save it for the last second; get them hooked from the very beginning.

Keep going even when the views aren’t coming in.

In the beginning, Nas was sharing his travel videos with just his friends and things kind of took off from there. It took him weeks to reach a million views and he humbly accepted this. But despite the slow days, he stuck to his promise and produced one video every day. The time and devotion will eventually pay off #JustKeepSwimming

Be creative, be relatable and look beneath the surface.

With only one minute to tell his story, Nas makes sure his angles are interesting, relatable and unique. Anyone can take a beautiful shot of the beach, but not a lot of individuals will swim with the locals and tell a story only they know. 

Interested in vlogging? Learn more from the man himself and like Nas Daily on Facebook!

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