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An Essential Giftwrapping Guide: How to Wrap Presents

Do it like a pro this season

In the spirit of Christmas, we’re turning our attention to the more realistic gift-wrapping hacks and tutorials in the hopes that, this year, we’d finally do the art of gift giving some justice. “How to wrap a gift” seems simple enough, but we won’t be fooled again! Our fair share of wrinkly, bumpy presents from Christmas past is proof that there’s a lot more to this leg of holiday preparations.

Now here’s our chance to rethink and regroup the pastime. And this time, we’re skipping the fussy parts. Scroll through for different foolproof ways to wrap those Christmas presents (like a pro!) this season.  

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A New Standard: The Diagonal Wrapping Method

This one’s a game-changer. Not only does this alternative technique simplify the giftwrapping process, it also ensures you use up only what you need. Hit play for the how-to (it’s the first present-wrapping hack in the video below), go ahead and skip to 0:48 and get ready to have your mind blown.

Just Tape Once: Learn the Japanese Giftwrapping Technique

Borrowing from the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, this hack employs an easy pull-and-fold method. What’s possibly the best part about this is that you can jump straight into wrapping your present, too, without having to worry about meticulously taking measurements. Your present just has to be about four times the size of your present when laid down on the flat surface. Watch the step-by-step instructional below:

How to Make a Pillow Box

For presents that don’t have a definite form (necklaces and other pieces of jewelry, for example) or gift ideas that come in unconventional shapes, you can always opt for a pillow box. This one is best known as packaging for dessert pies at fast food chains, but it’s a handy giftwrapping alternative, too. 

It may seem like tedious work, but once you’ve familiarized yourself with the template and made your first pillow box, you should be good to go. The best thing about this option is it doesn’t require tearing away at the packaging to get to the goods inside; they can be saved and reused later on. 

Another Take: How to Make A Pillow Box with Handles

Up for a challenge? Consider this the intermediate level of pillow box-making:

Final Touches: Try an Origami Envelope

For the VIPs on your Christmas shopping list, why not go the extra mile with a handmade origami envelope that will stand out for sure under the Christmas tree. You’re free to try this out with different sizes of paper (depending on the size of your present), but the ever-available A4 is standard.

All this got you thinking about that Christmas shopping list? Remember: gift-giving season doesn’t mean you have to end up broke. Click on for excellent gift ideas below P1,000 that your wallet will thank you for later.

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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