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7 Hilarious and Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Local Celebrities

Out of ideas? Here are some locally inspired Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank

Halloween is almost here and that means a slew of one (virtual) costume party after the other! This holiday gives kids—and even adults— the excuse to go all-out with their creativity and wit through costume choices. However, remember that doing so doesn’t entail breaking the bank.

If you’re out of ideas on what to pull off this year, here are some Halloween costume choices inspired by local pop culture, which can definitely draw some laughs—and even a second on someone else's Instagram story or two!

Daniela of “Kadenang Ginto”

Image Dreamscape Entertainment Television

First, we’re taking from an iconic scene in Kadenang Ginto where Daniela (played by Dimples Romana) takes a walk of shame in a fancy red dress with her matching designer luggage—in harsh contrast with her surroundings. This viral image spawned an influx of memes with Daniela making her shameful exit in hilarious and unexpected places.

All you need is a red cocktail dress, a piece of luggage and some heels and you’re ready to walk the streets!

Cardo Dalisay of “Ang Probinsyano”

Image ABS-CBN News

The main character of one of the longest-running primetime TV shows locally, Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) is certain to be a recognizable hit. Just get yourself a blue polo, a fake police badge and a toy gun and you’re all set. Practice your best rapid zoom-in and (almost) death impression and the prize for “Best Costume” might just be yours.

Marjorie aka “You Do Note” Girl

Image ABS-CBN 

Kadenang Ginto is the gift that keeps on giving. Some weeks ago, nine-year-old Marjorie attempted to deliver the main character’s intense and emotional monologue with hilarious results. Get your hands on a pink and black striped shirt and clip-on bangs then memorize Marjorie’s version of the iconic dialogue and you’re good to go!

Dante Gulapa

Image source Myx

The former macho dancer with a wholesome disposition made waves with a video of his popular dance moves. A safe for work (and aircon-friendly) costume will require a flesh-toned t-shirt (with tattoos drawn on), a snapback cap, black shorts and kneepads.

Heart Evangelista’s OOTD to Buy Corned Beef

Image Push

The über sosyal celebrity went viral after she posted an IG story of her OOTD—a stunning green gown—supposedly for a quick trip to the grocery store to buy corned beef. She quickly explained the joke but the memes continued. Serve your de lata extravaganza by wearing a green or teal cocktail dress with a can of your favorite corned beef to boot.

Kit Thompson AKA “Gusto Kong Sumabog” Guy

Image source ABS-CBN

A clip of Pinoy Big Brother alumni Kit Thompson recently resurfaced, showing his arguably funny breakdown as he utters his iconic line, “Gusto kong sumabog at magsabi ng masasamang mga words.” All you need is a red shirt and eye drops—if you can’t cry on cue—and don’t forget to deliver the lines with feelings!

“Advance ako mag-isip”

Image When in Manila

This call center agent went viral on the news after uttering “Advance ako mag-isip” in defense of his crime. You’re sure to be a hit with your co-workers and friends with this costume: a yellow shirt under a blue hoodie and handcuffs.

With these funny and frugal costume ideas, you’ll look back at this Halloween with no regrets. Who says Halloween can’t be a good time to make memories?

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