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5 Reasons To Visit The PlayStation Specialized Store At SM North EDSA

Gamers, unite!

The video game console industry has come a long way since the ancient Magnavox and Atari were released to captivate millions across the globe, turning them into gamers virtually overnight. Really, you can’t blame dedicated individuals for their hour-long playtimes and thousands spent on games and consoles.

There are a number to choose from in the market, but it’s no secret that the PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular consoles out there. The exclusive games and unit specs are one thing, but the experience these two things provide together is really what gets people hooked. In fact, the PS4 Filipino fanbase is so massive that gaming products retailer iTech has decided to put up an exclusive store in the country.

You read it right; there’s one more reason to rejoice because the very first PlayStation specialized store has finally opened in SM North EDSA, providing you a place to shop for games, consoles and other accessories.


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Cool deals and freebies

Store openings are always exciting for shoppers since there’s a good chance that cool deals like promo prices and freebies are abound.

In iTech’s PlayStation Specialized Store, the video game retailer was generous enough to treat customers to various bundle deals and free games. Just think about how hard it would be to say no to the PS4 Slim NBA 2K18 bundle that includes 500GB of memory, the NBA 2K18 game disc and an extra black DualShock 4 controller. There’s also the exclusive offering of a PS4 Pro and VR bundle at a highly discounted price.

Early buyers on opening day were also offered limited premium items and slots for free controllers, games and cashbacks for specific purchases.

Hard-to-find products

One of the biggest advantages of shopping at the specialized store is access to several hard-to-find products that you normally wouldn’t be able to find in other video game stores. iTech has a wide range of PS4-exclusive products, which make their store definitely one-of-a-kind.

Exclusive merch

Fans of PlayStation know how coveted branded shirts and jackets are. Fortunately, you can get all these gaming gear in iTech’s PlayStation Specialized Store.

DualShock 4 pillows were even given to lucky customers on opening day!

Try games and accessories before making a purchase

The store itself is run by helpful staff who can assist customers as they browse through shelves filled with games and accessories. They even let potential buyers give the games and accessories a try, so they know exactly what they’re getting before making a purchase.

Interact with other gamers

Gaming may be done mostly online, but the PlayStation Specialized Store gives individuals a space to mingle and interact with each other. What’s created is a community that safely communicates, sharse tips and exchanges experiences.

Visit iTech’s PlayStation Specialized Store at The Annex, SM City North EDSA and shop for the latest games and accessories. If you haven’t purchased a PlayStation 4 yet, now’s your chance to grab one with a great bundle promo.

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