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JearsonD: Our Latest Fashion Obsession

That Best Costume win was well deserved!

Fashion and Pinoy pride are two topics that are always nestled on the lips of Filipinos, but over the weekend these two things came together thanks in particular to our latest designer obsession: JearsonD. And even if you haven’t heard of his name, we’re sure you’ve seen his work.

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Worn by none other than Bb. Pilipinas 2018, JearsonD’s breathtaking piece of work has wowed everyone from fashion critics to the standard pageant viewer. The sheer amount of detail that went into the entire look—including an intricately beaded dress, golden headpiece, breathtaking veil and an inspired accessory—is something to marvel at on its own.


But what’s a beautiful piece of work if all that it is skin-deep? Well, JearsonD proved his nation-stopping ensemble does not stop at the surface. His work aimed to shed light on the stunning culture of Mindanao and we have to agree that he painstakingly succeeded. More specifically, he was inspired by the culture of Marawi, a city we’ve learned to associate with war and its consequent loss of life.

JearsonD’s vision was brought to life with the help of Farah Abu’s elaborate adornments, which were lovingly handmade. Moreover, the shoes from Bragais Shoeswere combined with the gown’s Inaul fabric, unique to the Maguindanaon and Iranun tribes in Muslim Mindanao.

But we don’t have to be beauty queens to feel like royalty and strut our own JearsonD looks. He specializes in wedding gowns that are equally intricate and breathtaking. From his body of work alone, we can see that he’s a designer that definitely puts his all in every look, understanding just how special he can make a woman feel and how he can inspire those that see them.


Images taken from Facebook/JearsonDCollection

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No wedding bells in your close-yet-distant future? It doesn’t really matter because JearsonD can do glam for any occasion.


Images taken from Facebook/JearsonDCollection

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In the short course of a weekend, JearsonD took the national stage and left us all at the edge of our seats. Fortunately, we know this isn’t the last we’re hearing (or seeing) from him.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

Featured Image

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