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Love Korean Fashion? Here’s How You Can Nail K-Pop Style

The Korean Wave is here to stay

The power of the Korean wave aka Hallyu truly endures. More and more people are fast becoming fans of South Korean culture, indulging in everything from Korean food to Korean cinema, K-beauty to K-pop. 

The fashion scene, for one, has only continued to engross people globally thanks to events like Seoul Fashion Week and music-turned-style icons like Blackpink, NCT, Red Velvet, and Ateez all contributing to the hype. Let’s not forget, of course, the style inspiration served by the men and women of beloved K-dramas, all of whom have influenced even the day-to-day wardrobe of individuals.

Here, worldwide fans and spectators are following suit, resulting in an intense preoccupation with a South Korean-inspired aesthetic. Looking to nail this style, too? Here are the latest Korean fashion trends and where to shop online.

Three Korean women dressed fashionably outdoors during Seoul Fashion Week.

Many Filipinos have become inspired, adopting a similar style to look like their favorite K-Pop or K-Drama leads. Photo: Shutterstock

Puff Sleeves

A blouse or dress with puff sleeves isn’t a new style; it’s a silhouette that has been popular for decades. Akin to the Filipiniana sleeves if we think local, the puff sleeves of today can very well be seen as their toned-down contemporary.

Blonde woman wearing pink dress and green purse.

Puff sleeves can make an outfit look casual and chic while making a statement. Photo: Shutterstock

Tennis Skirts

The Y2K staple is back. Tennis skirts are seeing a resurgence along with the look of early 2000s athleisure, something women of all ages can lean into. Complete your look by pairing a tennis skirt with an oversized white button-down to strike a balance or a simple baby tee to play up the aesthetic of the 2000s.

Woman in white outfit.

The Y2K resurgence is evident in Korean fashion, too. Photo: Shutterstock

Suit Pieces

A suit is a wardrobe staple not only reserved for the Korean fashion fan. A good one can take you far, easily translating into power dressing, sharp casual, or something formal all the way. It all becomes a matter of colorway, your inner blouse of choice, and footwear.

Asian woman on a stool wearing pants and blazer.

Take your pick: slim-cut or oversized? The classic blazer comes in many iterations. Photo: Shutterstock

Streamlined Slacks

If easygoing yet chic is the look you’re after, you can take inspiration from girl groups and their style when off-duty. Here, a pair of slacks is the versatile, foundational piece to own.

Asian woman with a black blazer, white slacks, and black boots.

Office staple no more! A pair of slacks is now a stylish trouser choice, too. Photo: Shutterstock

Where to Shop

Get your K-style on and check out Heraposh, a site that offers the closest thing you’ll get to authentic Korean fashion in the country. It sells everything from dresses, tops, and jeans, to loungewear and accessories. Three other Korean-inspired brands that are worth browsing? Lola and Daisies, Sunnyside Clothing PH, and Suzy Clothing. Don’t leave out Lazada, Zalora, and Shopee either! 

Asian woman in yellow blazer walking with phone and coffee in hand.

There are many online retailers and local brands to look at when shopping for Korean fashion. Photo: Shutterstock

Finding these pieces to add to your wardrobe isn’t a problem here. With Globe’s Ultrafast 5G network, you’ll be able to shop online anytime, anywhere without issues. 

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