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5 Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Tips to Keep in Mind During the Holiday Rush

It’s all about strategy...

Great news for those about to enjoy their break and bad news for those who haven’t done their holiday shopping yet: Christmas is fast approaching—and it’s here in less than a week. 

While it’s true that there’s no better time to show friends and family our appreciation via gift-giving, there’s never been so much pressure to get it all done before the 25th comes along either. Cue the holiday rush and the stress that comes with it. 

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In cases where deadlines, projects and other high-priority commitments end up coming first (where shopping for gifts means a major time crunch issue a sprint to the mall), there’s always this handy roundup you can turn to. Learn how to be a smart holiday shopper and take on the last-minute Christmas shopping tips below:

Think of just the essential people.

It’s good to be generous, but you don’t need to give every single person you know a present this year. Buying gifts for your loved ones is a challenge as is and adding more people to your list only complicates things.

Prioritize those closest to you, those who have added significant value to your life and those you are genuinely grateful for. Ask: "Who are my constants? What would have made their 2019 an even more stellar year?" and go from there.

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Keep a list and check it twice.

Once you know who your top-priority family and friends are, make a final list of things to buy along with a back-up gift option should the first choice be unavailable. Consider brands and store locations, too. Then, at the mall, start at the top floor and work your way down. This way, you won’t have to exert twice as much effort with gravity working against you should you accumulate shopping bags along the way with your last stop being the mall entrance. 

While we’re on it, thoroughly plan your routes.

Avoid unnecessary detours by considering the mall’s floor plan so you can see which stores are closest to each other, which stores are found in the same wing of the mall and which stores are on the same floor. Now that you’re shopping at the last minute and obviously don’t have the luxury to leisurely check around for good deals, mapping out your route can save you valuable minutes and cut your shopping time in half. 

Do the shopping online.

Instead of going to the mall to get your Christmas shopping done, try taking your search online. Here, you can instantly look for the products on your list and order them in just a few clicks. E-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee and the Globe Shop offer a wide array of products at good prices (sometimes with a helpful discount, too).

When it doubt, consider gift cards.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you run out of gift ideas along the way. For that matter, don’t feel bad should you ever find yourself considering this option: handing over gift certificates. They’re a smart alternative anyway and ensures that loved one gets exactly what he or she wants (in his or her right size, too).

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While we’re here, let's get another thing out of the way: gift giving season does not mean broke season! Click on for practical gift ideas that won’t hurt your wallet.

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