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Steal the Look: Lee Sungkyung’s Iconic Characters

Are you a Bokjoo or a Michaela? Find your style match

Season in and season out, Korean actors and actresses set off blips in our radar. However, we’ve had our sights set on one constant for a while. You know who we’re talking about, don’t you?

It’s hard to trace exactly when Lee Sungkyung started being the girl we all want to become. She can act, she can sing, and with darling features and a modelesque frame, it’s no wonder she has walked Seoul Fashion Week runways and has her face front and center for beauty campaigns. But before we go shift into full-on fan mode, let’s backtrack to where she first caught our eye: our favorite K-dramas.

Lee Sungkyung has portrayed a handful of memorable characters, each with a distinct personality she helped come to fruition. Each of the roles she’s taken on has also entailed a completely different approach to fashion: there was Inha in her statement-on-statement ensembles, Seowoo ever swathed in a doctor’s coat, Bokjoo in her athletic gear, and most recently, Choi Michaela who is in delicate pieces one minute and bold brights the next. Up ahead, we break down some of these characters’ wardrobes for you.

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Baek Inha, Cheese in the Trap

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Baek Inha’s brave sartorial spirit is worthy of admiration. Something about the way she balances out feminine tops with scene-stealing jewelry and layers fur over metallics is a telltale sign that her sense of style is just as ruthless as she can be. Cop Inha of Cheese in the Trap’s look by gravitating towards all things flashy. Sequins, prints, all-out embellishments—you name it. Choose accessories that give others no choice but to look twice. Oh, and don’t forget to slip into a pair of towering heels to top off the look!


TOPSHOP Broderie Ruffled High-Neck Top, P2695


NINE WEST Carnation Platform Heels, P5950 


PIECES Marlo Earrings, P799


CHASE FASHION Sequinned Mini Skirt, P1680


NEW ESSENTIALS Rosanna Ocampo Venice Sunglasses, P2040

Jin Seowoo, Doctors

Quick to envy her friends and always pitting herself against others, Jin Seowoo is one of Lee Sungkyung’s less likeable characters. Without the humor and over-the-top reactions that her previous role involved, Lee Sungkyung became a full-on antagonist as Seowoo in Doctors. However, Seowoo had her good moments, to—one of the sweetest being when she and her friends ran through the city streets in high school. What she was wearing at the time—a backward snapback cap and a pastel pink shirtdress—are a far cry from the printed button-downs and white crepe tops she’s seen sporting in the latter episodes of the series. Despite that, this fit remains a favorite.


GLAMOUR STUDIO Collared Dress, P845


VERO MODA Ainslee Crossover Bag, P2649


KIMBERLEY Youth Baseball Cap, P349


FILA FC Rose Sneakers, P3998

Kim Bokjoo, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo

Most viewers would be hard-pressed to find a character more lovable than Weightlifting Fairy’s Kim Bokjoo. An athlete going through the motions of college, romance and growing up, Bokjoo crawled her way into our hearts without much struggle at all. Apart from her relatability and feisty personality, another thing that we easily love about her is her go-to get-up of hoodies, track pants and sneakers that can take her from weightlifting practice to her father’s fried chicken shop.


VANS Slip-on Sneakers, P2998


KIMBERLEY Pink Finger Heart Cap, P349


SUPRE Side-stripe drawstring track pants, P1200


JUST HYPE Taped Bowling Bag, P2299

Choi Michaela, About Time

In her most recent project, Lee Sungkyung breathes life into female lead, Choi Michaela, a musical actress with the ability to see a person’s lifespan. Perhaps the perfect match for the role, Lee Sungkyung has showcased her singing abilities multiple times in the past. Now, her vocal chops finally share the limelight with her acting prowess. While Michaela’s look has jumped from dainty to pared down unpredictably, one of her most striking looks has been the top-and-dress combination she sported for an audition. Discover how to cop her outfit from About Time below!


KAMISETA Thalmer V-Neck Top, P1298


TWENTY EIGHT SHOES Cross-Strap Ballet Flats, P2199


MANGO Stone Hoop Earrings, P695


ZALORA Nose Classic Crossbody Bag, P2349

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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