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Living It! 101: Meet Your Tech Savvy Lifestyle Guide - go!
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Living It! 101: Your Tech-Savvy Guide to All Things Lifestyle

Living It! gives you access to all the great deals, unmissable trends, and must-try experiences in the Philippines

Zoom calls, virtual meetups, working from home, remote assignments: becoming even more tech-savvy in 2022 appears inevitable. That said, it also feels inevitable to miss offline life even more. The urge to make up for all that lost time has never been stronger either.

Coming up with a new way to bridge these two worlds, we now have Living It! by Globe Postpaid. As the new go-to partner for all things lifestyle, the platform designed for postpaid subscribers is chock-full of exclusives; it lets you in on ways you can get in on one-of-a-kind experiences, deals, and rewards you can’t get anywhere else.

Ultimately, Living It! helps you inject play and passion back into your life—whether on or offline. Here’s what’s in store for you when you check it out.

Shopping and food trips are made greater with exclusive deals using your rewards points.

Online shopping has its own perks, but why not enjoy some in-person retail therapy as well? With Globe Rewards, there’s no shortage of deals and discounts you can redeem. All you have to do is cash in your reward points. While prepaid users also get rewards, more points await those that sign on with Globe Postpaid. 

Using the New GlobeOne app, you can browse and score rewards from over 300 partner stores nationwide. From shopping and dining to entertainment and travel, there’s a reward for nearly everything. So, take yourself out on a solo date or treat your loved ones—either way, you’ll never be bored.

Two girls enjoying shopping with arms full of colorful shopping bags
From shopping deals to travel discounts, satisfy your retail therapy with Globe Rewards.  Photo: Shutterstock

Enjoy exclusive perks and freebies with your GPlan.

Fact: you don’t need to be tech-savvy to access the best of the digital world. With Globe’s new Postpaid GPlans, you can enjoy exciting inclusions that fit both your lifestyle and budget. Each tier comes with its own unique set of perks. This includes handy features like data rollover, unlimited all-net calls and texts, and access to in-demand streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video and Discovery+. 

You can get a minimum of ₱4,000 in one-time GCash credit, too, depending on the plan you choose. Now bigger and better than ever, GPlans give you more flexibility and control over your monthly usage.

A smiling girl in yellow leather jacket holding her phone
No matter what your budget or lifestyle is, get the flexibility you need with Globe’s all-new GPlans. Photo: Shutterstock

Reconnect with loved ones over clearer voice calls with voWiFi.

VoWiFi (or Voice over WiFi) calls are free for all Globe Postpaid subscribers. It uses your existing WiFi connection to boost weak indoor signals, so you can enjoy crystal clear calls no matter what.

The best part: you don’t need to download a separate app to get this going. As long as your mobile phone is VoWiFi-compatible, you can activate this feature with just a few steps. Now, you can keep your conversations going without glitches.

A man talking on the phone while writing down notes
Stay connected with your loved ones even through weak indoor signals with voice-over-WiFi. Photo: Shutterstock

Explore and get inspired by exclusive content with your ultra-fast 5G.

Keeping yourself entertained online can be a challenge without a solid Internet connection. But thanks to Globe’s Ultra-Fast 5G network, slow data speeds are now a thing of the past. Dubbed the future of mobile technology, 5G is up to 20 times faster than LTE. 

Its superfast Internet speeds give you lag-free streaming, which only means Netflix marathons, uninterrupted video game streaming, and a seamless work experience that boosts work-from-home productivity. Just upgrade your 3G SIM to a 5G-ready SIM at your nearest Globe branch for free.

A woman browsing on her mobile phone in bed
Superfast Internet speeds are right at your fingertips with 5G. Photo: Shutterstock

Stay inspired with exclusive content on the latest and greatest.

Transitioning to the “next normal” life can feel daunting and energizing at the same time. Living It! was created to help you navigate life amid the pandemic—your way. Consider it your digital lifestyle bible. Loaded with exclusive content, it keeps you in the loop. Find the latest happenings in entertainment, travel, tech, wellness, finance, leisure, and everything in between all in one place. 

Tech-savvy or not, you can make online and offline experiences sweeter with the right resources by your side. Become a Globe Postpaid subscriber now and make the most out of life with Living It! at your fingertips.

Three women having fun on a sunny day in front of a Ferris Wheel]
Redefine your life with Living It!—your go-to hub for the latest lifestyle news and trends. Photo: Shutterstock

Living It! is your digital mecca for the latest and greatest in lifestyle. It has one job: to help you redesign your life. Be the first to know all the best deals, unmissable trends, and must-try experiences across Metro Manila and beyond. The future you’ve always imagined is right here.

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