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Local Brands With Christmas Gift Ideas - go!
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Local Brands With Christmas Gift Ideas Under ₱300

Find thoughtful gifts for your loved ones without spilling over your budget

Christmas is just around the corner. And with the ongoing holiday rush, it can be, for sure, easy to overspend preparing for the season. With inflation rising to record levels in 2022, it’s wise to keep to a budget, though. In this way, you can be sure you spend comfortably, without eating away at your savings. 

Either way, there are countless ways to still find meaningful presents (breaking the bank is definitely not a prerequisite). And here, we explore gift options that don’t cost a lot but are still gift-worthy. Scroll through for a little window shopping and discover some local small businesses where you can buy Christmas gifts for under ₱300.

Lara Craft

Established in 2018 by founder Kaye Lara, this shop is known for its passionately handmade products such as earrings, hairbrushes, and other accessories crafted from clay. The prices at Lara Craft start at ₱250, depending on the size of each wearable art, inclusive of the personalized packaging. Our top picks are the vintage-style bookmarks and the phone grips with dainty floral details that are sold for ₱250 (ideal for your sister or your friends who love handmade gifts).

Ben’s Blend PH

If you want to give your health-conscious buddies something sweet, Ben’s Blend offers artisanal chocolates that are made from premium farmer-sourced, dried-fermented cacao beans, and monk fruit sweetener. Zero sugar, lactose-free, vegan, and Keto-friendly, these chocolates come in 75% and 85% cacao content chocolate bars, ranging from ₱90 to ₱139. Ben’s Blend also sells cacao tea made from roasted cacao husks, combined with dried rosebuds or lavender, priced at ₱109.

Monita Leather Goods

For genderless, universal, practical gifting, there are brands like Monita. This local shop offers minimalist yet functional items made from leatherette (with suede-like material for its backside). These items are durable enough and perfect for everyday use. You can find affordable gifts for nearly everyone in your circle considering products come in a variety of colors, with prices ranging from ₱150 to ₱300. Products include cardholders, bag tags, passport holders, wristlet pouches, mousepads, and desk trays. In addition, Monita has customization services should you wish to add a more personal touch to your holiday gift haul.


Here’s something for the ultra-nostalgic loved one in your life. Since friendship bracelets rose in popularity again in 2022, why not hop on this train? The intricately knotted friendship bracelets by Knottyholic are perfect Christmas gifts for you and your besties. Individually handcrafted, these pieces are made of brightly colored cotton yarns that can be customized. You can select the design from the existing patterns or opt to change the colors to suit your preferences. Prices start at ₱80, depending on the complexity of the pattern and thickness of the strings. Definitely a memorable gift to celebrate the joys of friendship!


Perfect for those who love sustainable and environmentally-safe products, Sabonitas offers mindfully-crafted hair and body essentials. The brand uses high-quality natural ingredients derived from plants, with products that are rejuvenating yet gentle on the skin, hair, and scalp. The prices of Sabonitas’ soap and shampoo bars range from ₱275 to ₱299. The catchy names such as Love is in the Hair (gives hair a boost of hydration), Mint to Be (deeply cleanses and detoxifies skin), and Aloe You Vera Much (refreshes dry or sunburnt skin) are just an added bonus!

Special gifts need not be expensive! These items are proof.

Author Cris Roxas

Art Maurice Zafra

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