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5 Local Candle Brands to Shop in 2021 - go!
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5 Local Candle Brands to Shop in 2021

For your next—and super easy—home upgrade, why not a focus on scents?

If all the time spent at home has got you thinking of upgrades and even more upgrades, we can’t blame you. The newfound joy over home makeovers, big or small, pretty much goes hand-in-hand with quarantine life. Anyway, if you’re staying at home, might as well make it a space that sparks joy, right?

Whether you’re deliberately redecorating or looking to spruce your space up bit by bit, remember to keep all the senses in mind. 

Ahead, it’s all about scents. Scroll through for five local candle brands you can shop for a quick home upgrade:

Paper Burn, @paperburnph

Here’s one Instagram candle shop that immediately caught our attention. Paper Burn is home to hand-poured, pure soy wax candles that are ethically sourced and come in minimalist amber-tinted jars. They’re chic; they look good, but the scent lineup is even better. Add calming aromatic blends to your home like rose and vanilla (the Windsor Gardens candle), Provençal lavender (Wuthering Heights), as well as lime, basil and bergamot (221B Baker Street). Simply DM to order.

5 Local Candle Brands to Shop - Paper Burn

Tranquil Co.,

The desire for calm is built right in at Tranquil and Co., where aromatherapy is the much bigger picture for the brand. All-natural soy candles are joined by other products like aromatherapy play dough and room sprays, so you have more home scent options to choose from. The Fresh Bamboo candle might strike your fancy. The Lavender + Peppermint + Lemon candle, too. Find the calm in the chaos at Tranquil Co. and send a DM to order.

5 Local Candle Brands to Shop - Tranquil Co.

Rabbit Room, @rabbitroomco

For true-blue candle lovers, there’s new brand on the block in Rabbit Room. While a little on the pricier side (these range from ₱870 to ₱1,950), you do get what you pay for: an uber-luxurious coconut wax or soy wax blend, double wick candle that burns slowly and fills the room with Rabbit Room’s signature scents. Take your pick and shop the full collection here.

5 Local Candle Brands to Shop - Rabbit Room

Rella, @rella_essentials

We came for the packaging—and stayed for the scents. Locally sourced and handmade in the Philippines, candles at self-care brand Rella are largely about igniting the senses and uplifting the spirit. Making a living room countertop prettier is just an added bonus. Take your pick from Rella’s line of manifestation candles, premium candles and bestsellers online, or shop candles at Frankie General Store Plant Mall, Rockwell or Molito Lifestyle, Alabang.

5 Local Candle Brands to Shop - Rella

Saan Saan, @saansaanph

What’s a local candle roundup without Saan Saan? This brand, with quite the cult following, is known for perfectly bottling up scents associated with favorite places and pastimes. Some candles to watch out for when they restock: No. 07 Campfire, No. 10 Kung Tag-araw and No. 05 Linen Room. In the meantime, why not check out the full product catalogue? Do that here.

5 Local Candle Brands to Shop - Saan Saan

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