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Local Shops Where You Can Buy Reusable Straws - go!
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Local Shops Where You Can Buy Reusable Straws

Because eco-friendly, reusable straws never go out of style

Earth Day may be over, but there’s always a reason to celebrate Mother Nature. There are simple ways that we can make an impact that would not require too much effort—and money, too! Something as small as going paperless in the workplace or at home may seem insignificant, but it can actually do so much for the environment. Considering that 500,000,000 plastic straws are being used in the US alone in a single day, it might be time to ditch those pesky plastics.

If you’re considering a zero-waste and plastic-free lifestyle all while still enjoying your favorite iced coffee or milk tea beverage, shop at these local stores that offer reusable metal straws.

Sip PH

Founded in 2016, Sip was borne out of its founder’s frustration with the lack of sellers offering low-cost reusable straws. True enough, their classic set, which consists of a metal straw, brush cleaner and canvas case, rates at an affordable price of ₱300.

Today, they’ve expanded the range to include a thick straw for smoothies and pearl milk teas, bamboo cutlery and black and rose gold variants of their metal straw. Purchase this entire set in black, with a burrito-type canvas case for ₱1,000.


A combination of the words “bamboo” and “hanapbuhay,” Bambuhay aims to provide a livelihood for the struggling locals of Patikul, Sulu through the sturdy bamboo. Food technologist and Bambuhay founder, Mark Gervasa, turned it into straws, mugs, tumblers and many others, providing work for the residents of Patikul while creating a more sustainable world.

The social enterprise even partnered with pearl shakes retailer Zagu to offer their bamboo straws to customers as an alternative to the plastic ones with their straw sets ranging between ₱70 to ₱250. 


It doesn’t get any more official than the WWF. Support the World Wildlife Fund–Philippines’ cause by purchasing their official merchandise, which includes their #NotPlastic metal straw with a brush and canvas case for only ₱200.

You can also avail of their reusable glass and aluminum bottles (₱350 to ₱390) or canvas bag (₱200 to ₱300). For orders, visit the WWF Gifts website or contact [email protected].

It doesn’t take a lot to start helping our planet heal, and these inexpensive alternatives to our everyday essentials prove just that.

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