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How To Stand Out, Stay Dry & Still Look Cute This Rainy Season

This weather is not an excuse!

Here at home, we have two seasons: wet and dry—and as the darkened clouds have proven day after day recently, the rainy months are definitely upon us.

We know what this kind of weather means for all of us: frizzy hair, cold weather and lazy I-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed moments. But the rain doesn’t wash away our responsibilities. We still have to get to school or get to work and go through the daily grind! So here are a few key tips to staying dry, looking cute and still standing out during the damper days.

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Tip #1: Invest in outerwear

There are no greater friends during the rainy season than an umbrella and great outerwear. The thing that a sweater or hoodie has over an umbrella is that it’s much easier to carry around (and it helps you look cute, of course).

Invest in outerwear that will keep you warm and will keep those bits of rain water away from you. And because it sometimes has the power to make your entire look, why not get a statement piece already?

This weather is not an excuse!

Tip #2: Fun & functional

One sure-fire way of still looking put together during this season is to play on colors. Stock up on some colorful shirts that will help lighten up any day for any activity. Whether that’s a class that didn’t get suspended or an after-hours dinner with friends to wait out the weather, you’ll be comfortable in more ways than one. Besides, with our weather going from dry to hot in a quick second or two, you’ll be happy you can freely remove or put on your jacket without looking any less spectacular either way.

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Tip #3: Accessorize

What look is complete without the right accessories?

Be smart about your finishing touches this season; make sure they can withstand the rains as much as you want (and need) them to. Continue listening to your music with the help of water-resistant headphones and keep the water off your head with something reliable.

The 0917 Lifestyle Diner Collection is starting to look like our best friends for the season: fun, functional and frill-free. The rain might not always make you feel cute, but you can definitely fight this off with a few key pieces and the know-how to make them work to your advantage.

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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