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Already Lost Sight Of Your NY Resolution? Here’s How To Get Back On Track

How to get back on track and not leave this year’s promises for the next 

2017 was a crazy ride for all of us, but it was also a year when people stood up for themselves, empowered and ready to face the world.

But for us, making life changes may not come that easy—no matter how simple they may seem to others. Case in point: How many times have you told yourself you’re going to hit the gym and get that year-round beach bod?

The truth is that having goals isn’t difficult and it’s not about just having them on our minds constantly. Instead, it’s the how and why that actually get us to the finish line.

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#1 Keep things simple

In his book One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way, author Robert Maurer said that the bigger our goals are, the more likely we are to experience failure. While there are other factors, he likens this failure most to the idea that our brains get so fixated on the end game that it somehow prevents us from actually making progress.

One way to bypass this fear—and the failure it’s likely to come with—is to keep resolutions incredibly simple. Theoretically, it would be harder to fail them.

So if you haven’t reached your goal of going to the gym yet, make it easier on yourself: Set your eyes on putting on those gym clothes instead and stand in place for a minute or two. In two or three days, level it up by jogging.

It might seem a little silly, but a step forward is still a step forward and you’re suddenly doing better than you did yesterday.

#2 Make it yours

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Misery may love company, but you can’t own something that isn’t yours. Your friends may have agreed to go on the same diet or go to the same spin classes, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to what the group wants. Sure, you might miss out on some laughs, but you have to keep in mind that NY resolutions are for personal growth and development.

Having your own reasons for accomplishing a goal actually increases your chances of success, simply because the motivation is an internal one that’s particularly important to you. So drop the literal squad goal, think about what actually matters to you and get on it.

#3 Get a buddy

Personal goals are the way to go, but sometimes having someone hold you accountable is a great way to keep moving forward. Share your resolutions with someone close to you and will help keep you motivated to keep going. It doesn’t mean you have to take steps with each other in tow; it just means you’ll have someone to share the journey with.

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#4 Form a habit

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When you think about it, most New Year’s resolutions are usually about a lifestyle change, which means being in it for the long haul. And while this is a great thing, some of us tend to fixate on getting immediate short-term results instead of making a habit of it.

Take getting fit for example. You don’t stop jogging or running or cycling when you’ve finally reached your ideal weight. You can’t and shouldn't start living the life of a coach potato again.

Writer and entrepreneur James Clear suggests focusing on a system or the daily grind of things that will get us to our goal. This way, we’re less stressed and we’re making more progress.

#5 Don’t forget to celebrate

At the end of the day, you’re doing all this for yourself, so why not celebrate the little victories every now and then? Set rewards when you actually deserve it, like a cheat day if you’ve strictly stuck to your diet for an entire week. Or maybe an extra hour of playing your favorite video game if you’ve gone to the gym more times than you had planned.

It’s February and it isn’t too late to get those resolutions back within reach. Don’t wait until 2019!

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