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6 Ways to Get Mental Health Support While at Home - go!
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Online consultation services and hotlines to the rescue

Being stuck at home for a long time can take a toll on your mental health, regardless if it’s from following a nationwide stay-at-home order, recovering from an illness, working as a freelancer or having a company-mandated work from home policy. After all, moving around, staying connected with nature and socializing with others are just some of the things humans naturally crave. So, when you’re at home for a prolonged period, days can start bleeding into each other and the feeling of isolation from the outside world starts to settle in.

Some signs that your mental health could be suffering are difficulty in starting tasks, frequent mood swings and sleep problems, which could all lead to a host of other issues. That said, ensuring you’re in a healthy state of mind is just as important as toning your muscles and keeping physically fit.

Luckily, online consultations are becoming more and more popular. If you find yourself in this situation, you can get online mental health support and reach out to the different institutions below from the safety of your home.

Hope Bank

Want something a little more positive on your newsfeed? Hope Bank is a public Facebook group that aims to be a safe space for people seeking mental support. It’s all wholesome content here, with group members sharing encouraging messages through music, quotes, art or poetry.

Join the Hope Bank Facebook Group to be part of the movement.

Hopeline Philippines

If you need to reach someone immediately at any time of day, you can call Hopeline. It’s a 24/7 suicide prevention and crisis support helpline in the country. One call is all it takes.

You can reach them at the following numbers:

  • Globe/TM: (917) 558 4673 or dial 2919 toll-free

  • Smart: (918) 873 4673

  • PLDT Landline: (2) 8804 4673

You can also visit the Hopeline PH Facebook Group for more information on mental health tips.

Konsulta MD

If you need to speak with a doctor ASAP but can’t leave the house, you’ll be happy to know that you can get online consultations via Konsulta MD. They are a group of licensed Pinoy doctors who are available anytime for your medical needs.

All you need to do is give their 24/7 hotline a call. Dial 79880 on mobile and (2) 779-88000 (toll-free for Globe/TM) on a landline to start your basic consultation session.

There are several affordable monthly plans you can refer to depending on the frequency of your consultation. Visit their website to know more.

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National Center for Mental Health

The National Center for Mental Health, which is managed by the Department of Health, is dedicated to delivering a roster of mental health care services that range from prevention to rehabilitation. They are actively working with the government to give mental health support for anyone who is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can reach them via their mental health hotline at (917) 899 8727 or (917) 989 8727.  

UP Diliman Psychological Services (UPD PsycServ)

UPD’s PsycServ was established to give mental health support to the students of the state-run university. But now, they have opened their doors to give many Filipinos the support they need during these troubling times. 

They have psychosocial support specialists and volunteers ready to speak with you at your preferred time. Simply fill out this form to avail of their free tele-psychotherapy services or you may also reach them via SMS or Viber at (906) 374 3466 or (916) 757 3157.

Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc. (PMHA) Online Support

The PMHA has also recognized its role in providing online mental health support for people in need. If you’re hesitant or uncomfortable to call and prefer to chat instead, this service may help you. Their professionals are online from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM. If you need assistance outside those hours, you may send them an SMS at (917) 565 2036 or an email to [email protected].

You may also send them a message on their Facebook page and read up on their mental health tips while they are there.

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We’re In This Together

Remember, you’re not alone. You can stay well by surrounding yourself with positive energy and an understanding company. However, if those are not available to you at the moment, know that you can run to trusted institutions. 

Always be responsible and stay safe at home.

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