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This Is Why Netflix and Chill Beats Going Out

Because how much quality time do we really get to spend with the ones we love?

As adults we spend more time at work and on the road than we do with our family or bae. You wake up bright and early, sit through hours-long traffic, work from 8 to 5, or 9 to 6, sit through another two hours of traffic and come home dog-tired. The only thing that gets many of us through the grind is the thought of some serious quality time with loved ones on the weekend to, say, watch a movie or go malling. But if you’ve experienced Saturday or late Sunday afternoon traffic jams, then you most likely share our sentiment: anong weekend?!

So, while we all love to go out and crowd-surf malls with the fam, the time, money and effort it takes to do so is just not worth it sometimes. We list down the reasons why Netflix and chill beats going out.

When you want to go out and see a movie vs. When you Netflix and chill

1 Uber or Grab fares 

This is the cost of commuting to the mall depending on your location and destination, and yes, including surge rates. But when you Netflix and chill, you save yourself from crazy prize surges and ultimately cut down on cost.

2 Gas prices

Gassing up for short-term drives outside of your normal route is not cost-effecient. But staying in the comfort of your home is.

3 Parking fees

Parking fees (based on malls in QC, Pasig and Makati) for the first three hours might seem insignificant until you discover how much you need to pay for every succeeding hour. How about park your car in your home garage and chill in the sala? It'll cost you NADDA.

4 Movie ticket prices      

Movie ticket prices have gone up, what with 4D theaters and lazy boy add-ons to the whole experience. And you're watching just one movie. Imagine when you Netflix and chill, you can binge-watch all night or all weekend right in the comfort of your own bed or sofa.

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5 Movie snack prices

No movie experience is complete without popcorn or something to munch on. But when you stay in, all you need to do is check your fridge or pantry when you get the munchies.

6 Dinner cost

These days dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant ranges about P600 to P900. Why not whip up something for date night or family dinner instead? Netflix’s Chef’s Table can provide the inspiration. Lazy? There’s always pizza delivery; it'll still cost less than eating out.

At the end of the day, it boils down to preference. But if you ask us, we’d rather stay in, cozy up on the bed or couch, and Netflix and chill with the fam in pang-bahay.

Sarah Santiago

is a former print and online fashion magazine editor and is currently, the editor for go! Magazine. She loves cats, is almost always in black and is a big fan of Kanye West.

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is a creative that loves to tell stories through art direction and curating images that capture, inspire and excite whoever sees them.

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