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6 Thing We Must Instill in the Next Generation of Young Women

Start ‘em young: Plant the seeds and watch them grow

Feminist icon and women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem once said: “The wellbeing of women determines the wellbeing of society.” Imagine that: The responsibility falls on our hands, each and every one of ours, to ensure, for society’s sake, that women are treated well and raised to shoot for a brighter future.

Before becoming effective members of society, these women start out as little girls, of course. With malleable, impressionable minds ready to be shaped, the things they learn at a young age tend to stick. Oftentimes, they carry these into adulthood.

But what happens when we factor in the reality that some seeds planted in the minds of these young girls are not always ideal? What about the archaic traditions passed down to them that dictate to them that they are limited? The answer is to flip the switch: to empower the next generation of young women, engrain in them that they matter and let them know how kick-ass, brilliant and amazing they are and that they hold all the potential in the world.

Everyone has the opportunity to impart knowledge and instill the right values in the little girls who will one day inherit our world. Where to begin, you’re wondering? Scroll through and get acquainted with the 6 Thing We Must Instill in the Next Generation of Young Women:

Put empathy first.

Harness the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another human being.

Always fight for what’s right.

Use your voice especially for those who are unable to use theirs.

It’s okay to say no.

Know that you don’t have to succumb to societal or peer pressure. If it violates your dignity, rights and integrity, say no.

The importance of consent.

You have the power to make decisions for yourself, for your mind, your body and your life. Own it.

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Looks aren't everything.

And beauty comes in all shapes, forms and sizes.

There is no need to compete with your girl friends.

Learn to support one another and be happy for the successes of others. There’s a seat at the table for everyone.

It is not enough, of course, to teach merely by speaking on things. We all must lead the next generation by example. This is the end goal of It’s A Girl Thing, the annual event that celebrates girl power and seeks to inspire, empower and encourage young girls dream their wildest dreams.

Keep your eyes peeled; it’s almost #IAGT season.

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