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5 Online Culinary Courses to Elevate Your Cooking Skills
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5 Online Culinary Courses to Elevate Your Cooking Skills

A man and a woman preparing ingredients together in the kitchen.

Learn to cook straight from the pros through online platforms like MasterClass and Coursera.

Hone your cooking skills in the comfort of your own home through these online culinary courses. They're for everyone, making it easy to sharpen your cooking know-how no matter where you are or how busy life gets. Learn how to bake fancy pastries, make famous dishes, meal prep, and other practical skills in the kitchen.

1. “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking,” MasterClass

A woman rolling out pastry dough.

Making Beef Wellington from scratch will teach you how to bake puff pastry and cook steak to perfection.

Annual MasterClass subscriptions cost $120 (~₱6,680) and give users unlimited access to the platform’s premium features. That includes cooking courses from accomplished chefs. If you had to choose just one pro to learn from, go for Gordon Ramsay. You probably know him for his explosive personality, no-nonsense approach to cooking, and Michelin-awarded restaurants.


Unsurprisingly, Ramsay doesn't disappoint as a MasterClass instructor, either. His two-part "Teaches Cooking" course lets you see his culinary artistry at work. It has an eight-hour runtime, with each lesson averaging around 20 minutes. This structure allows for comprehensive yet bite-sized learning, making it more manageable for beginners in a time crunch.


Ramsay will teach you how to cook everything from velvety smooth scrambled eggs to his signature Beef Wellington, a guaranteed showstopper for special occasions.

2. “Nutrition Kitchen: Basics of Cooking for Busy People,” Udemy

A man slicing carrots in the kitchen

This course teaches techniques rather than recipes, so you can apply them to numerous dishes.

Eating healthy is tough when you're busy. But don't be discouraged! Anyone can make better food choices once they know the fundamentals of nutritious cooking. In "Nutrition Kitchen: Basics of Cooking for Busy People," you can learn the essentials from Brad Kunkel, a professional chef with eight years of experience. The course covers everything, from selecting equipment and improving your knifework to time-saving cooking skills like weekly meal prepping.


Udemy charges per course instead of using a subscription model. You can browse its listings, curate classes according to your needs, and stick to your preferred instructors. Kunkel's course is a Udemy bestseller with 2,000+ students and costs ₱3,290 at regular price for full lifetime access. All in all, the course has 48 video lectures, seven sections, and runs for about 3.5 hours.

3. “Cookie Decoration with Royal Icing for Beginners,” Domestika

A woman and little girl baking Christmas cookies.

Get your family more involved in the kitchen by decorating holiday cookies together.

Cookie decoration can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you love giving away heartfelt and handmade gifts. It also doubles as a creative outlet that lets you transform goopy cookie batter into miniature masterpieces. In "Cookie Decoration with Royal Icing for Beginners," the pastry designers behind Mexico-based cakeshop VanilleCouture walk you through the basics. You'll learn about various decorating tools, baking the ideal vanilla cookie, and making royal icing, among other skills.


The course has 100% positive reviews and over 30,000 students. It consists of 19 lessons with a total runtime of three hours, which you can access for ₱2,170 at regular price. Once you buy it, you can continue referencing it throughout your cookie-decorating journey. Domestika also offers a subscription service that gives users access to 1,000+ courses for ₱3,000/yearly, including this one and other baking classes.

4. "Artisan Pastries & Desserts for Beginners," Skillshare

Two women baking bread together.

Wow your loved ones with a homemade tarte tatin, a centerpiece-worthy dessert.

Level up your pastries by learning artisan recipes from Marceau Dauboin, a sourdough enthusiast and professional baker. In "Artisan Pastries & Desserts for Beginners," he teaches amateur pâtissiers how to make tarte tatin, cinnamon rolls, and apple tarts. All perfect for your featured menu! He also offers courses on surprising things you can make with sourdough starter, including pasta, croissants, and burritos.


Dauboin's recipe videos are about 10-20 minutes long, and each one comes with a free PDF guide for a quick refresher. Annual Skillshare memberships cost ₱1,200, while monthly packages cost ₱299. Signing up gives you complete, unlimited access to every class on the platform, including Dauboin's. Besides cooking, you can also learn food photography, wine-tasting, and other useful skills from fellow foodies and experts.

5. “Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization,” Stanford University on Coursera

 A woman following an instructional cooking video while preparing food.

Become a subject matter expert on anything food-related by taking Specialization courses on Coursera.

Are you trying to make more sustainable choices in the kitchen? Is mindful eating one of your 2024 resolutions? This Coursera series is for you. In it, Stanford University lecturer Maya Adam, MD, covers topics like "rebuilding relationships with food" and "cooking for busy, healthy people." The series falls under the Specialization learning path, putting you on the fast track to becoming an expert.


The course is about 24 hours long, so you can complete it in a month by dedicating 10 hours weekly. However, you're free to learn at your own pace. Upon completion, you'll earn a career certificate that you can use to secure opportunities in the food biz.


So, not only does it help you become a better cook, but it also boosts your professional credentials. Coursera offers seven-day free trials for courses under Specialization and charges $49 (~₱2,700) per month after the trial ends.


Ensure uninterrupted learning by signing up for a Globe At Home GFiber unli plan, starting at ₱1,799/month, or registering to GFiber Prepaid as low as ₱299/7 days. With the help of these culinary courses (and lots of practice!), you can make all your cooking dreams come true. Even better, use your newfound skills to enrich the lives of those around you, as several local chefs did in Globe's "Gourmet Giving" series.

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