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Online Group Games For Your Next E-Numan Session - go!
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Online Group Games For Your Next E-Numan Session

For your socially distant game nights

Friendly game nights were one of the simple joys we had to forgo because of the pandemic. Getting together with our loved ones for a long period of playing games to de-stress is one of the specific yet universal things we miss. While vaccination rollouts are well underway, it’s still not a green light for us to regard the pandemic as over. 

So for those who want to catch up with their friends and add a little spice to their socially distant online inumans, maybe you can move the game nights online. A little friendly competition won’t hurt. Not to mention, it’s a lot more hilarious when we’re buzzed while it happens. Scroll along for some online group games you can play on your next e-numan session.

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UNO via Houseparty

Nothing screams competition and (jokingly) ruined friendships like a game of UNO. Houseparty lets all players link their cameras and microphones on with the player portal so you can see each other. It’ll be a little harder to hide your reactions to the cards laid out and drawn. This is the only time that spotty internet becomes a saving grace. One downside with Houseparty is that the site doesn’t let you play multiple cards at once. So we might have to say goodbye to stacking one draw card after the other.

Houseparty is available via the App Store, Google Play and on the web.

For the 90s kids who grew up playing Pictionary, Skribbl will help you relive those moments with your friends. Skribbl is a free online game where a player has to draw the word generated and the rest of the group needs to guess. The first to guess gets the highest number of points while the last one gets none. A private room can host up to 12 players, which is good for medium-sized groups. One of the best parts is that you can create custom words for your friends to guess for a personalized twist.

Test your sketching skills with via its website.

All Bad Cards

Bring out your wit and humor by playing All Bad Cards with your friends. A player draws a card with an incomplete phrase that the rest of the group needs to fill up. The catch? The one with the rudest and funniest answers gets a point and whoever gains the most points wins the game. All Bad Cards can hold up to 50 real-time or AI players. Players can also choose what card pack, depending on if they want it extremely irreverent, PG-friendly or need the involvement of GIFs and memes. Required rounds and other game settings are customizable, too.

Bring out your wit when you play All Bad Cards online.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is one of the most iconic Russian-roulette-meets-UNO card games available in the market. It’s also playable through a mobile app, best for sessions with friends even at a distance. Each player’s ultimate goal is to stay in the game by avoiding the exploding kitten card for each draw. Once that card is drawn and no other defuse or action cards are available, then it’s game over for you. This game gets more exciting with additional actions, such as stealing a card and shuffling the deck to move the exploding kitten card.

Exploding Kittens is worth PHP 99.00 for download at the App Store and Google Play.

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For extra fun and incentive to get the competition going, add prizes at stake for the winners and dares waiting for the losers—the possibilities are endless. You can make this group hangout one for the books, even if it’s socially distant.

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