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The Benefits Of Online Shopping

Because it will literally change your life

If there’s anything city-dwelling Pinoys have in common with one another, it’s the horrible traffic we all have to go through almost everyday of the week. “How long did it take you to get here?” is often a conversation starter, followed by further ranting, i.e., “Why can’t we all just work from home,” “4-day work week, please,” or “I don’t even go out anymore unless I really have to.” 


Because no, sitting through long hours of traffic is just not worth it. So thank god for modern conveniences, like shopping apps that make life a little easier. Why shop in the brick and mortar stores at the height of a big weekend sale when you can shop from wherever you are—at home, at work, in a Grab car—whatever the time of day?


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If you aren’t a frequent online shopper yet, this will change your life. Allow us to show you the wonders of e-commerce and all the benefits of shopping online.


#1 It’s convenient.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: shopping apps and websites make the very act of shopping convenient. Why walk out the door, sit in traffic and pay for gas and parking, when you can shop in your pangbahay or while enjoying merienda at work??


#2 It’s cheaper. 

You haven’t gone online yet but already you’re saving money just by staying put and not having to pay for, again, gas or parking. Then you open your favorite shopping app and boom!—mind blown: low prices for things that you know cost twice as much at the mall because now, you have the power to compare prices from different vendors. #winning



#3 But is it safe?? Yes. Yes, it is. 

Of course you have to be shopping from trusted shopping platforms like Zalora, Lazada or Amazon. Because in sites/apps like these, aside from being able to pay with your credit or debit card, you also have the option to pay via PayPal, which is considered among the safest modes of payment online.


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#4 Options galore.

At Amazon, for instance, the options are endless (it really is the the Earth’s biggest selection ), from video titles to handmade items, music to sports and outdoor wares, and apps to automotive offerings. Everything you virtually need is online and Amazon offers the best price for it, too, because they also offer products that are re-sold by consumers (read: gently used).

But wait, there’s more. In Amazon, you can also shop for unique or limited edition items, like signed books or cookie butter Oreos, plus access to hundreds and thousands of products not available in our local shore



#5 Read first-hand reviews from real customers.

Buyer’s remorse is real. Haven’t we all shopped for an item we regret buying? Thanks to e-commerce websites that allow buyers and sellers to share product reviews, you know you’re getting what you pay for/ your money’s worth.


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#6 What mall hours???

Because life happens all the time, sometimes we don’t make it to mall hours to shop for, say a gift for your mom, kuya or your S.O. But with online shopping, you can shop as early as when you wake up in the morning or super late at night. So yeah, what mall hours?



#7 Remember in the old days when you would have to go out and “canvass” for something before you actually make a purchase? Well, those days are gone.


Thanks to the wish list function of many e-tailers, you can now literally window-shop and buy later. No need to “reserve” or feel pressure from sales people following you around until you make a purchase. Efficient, right?


Now the only downside would be that some shopping websites don’t ship to the Philippines yet. But hopefully one day, all that will change.




Now go spend some of that hard-earned money because #deservenadeserve

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