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Score Great Finds From Dapitan Arcade Here: 4 Online Stores to Check Out

Dapitan Arcade is a treasure trove of affordable home goods—and now you can get the best of what it has to offer here online

Long before the pandemic hit, Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City has been a well-known spot for home goods, ranging from kitchenware to home decor and holiday ornaments. Despite restrictions on travel and public gatherings, this hot shopping venue has boomed in popularity once again—and in another way. By going digital and opening stores online, shoppers can now get their wares safely from the comforts of home.

Here, the top four online shops that offer some of the best goods from Dapitan Arcade:

Dapitan Arcade

The official Dapitan Arcade online shop carries the market’s many offerings: Christmas ornaments, lamps, planters, vases and various other interior decorations and fixtures.

The online retail website even has a section devoted to vintage finds that are out-of-production or items that are pre-loved (this one’s for the ceramic aficionados). For those that enjoy seeing a wide array of choices or have specific tastes, this online shop is your best bet.

Dapitan’s Finest

This Shopee store offers locally-made wooden wares and beautifully-crafted solid wood bowls, plates and trays that are the trademark items of Dapitan Arcade. Dapitan’s Finest also offers charming storage solutions made of wicker, rope and abaca. Plus, figuring out how to wrap presents will be a thing of the past with their Buri storage and gift boxes.

If you want a more rustic and distinctly Filipino aesthetic in your home at affordable prices, consider giving Dapitan’s Finest a shot. 

Tita Finds For Less

Think your home needs some pizzazz? Why not add some color to your home collection? Tita Finds For Less is a Facebook shop that offers a curated selection of vivid and quirky ceramics, glassware, vases and other home decor items. 

What sets this store apart is how each item is a statement on its own—guaranteeing that you’re more likely to purchase a piece that’s unique to you. This also has a counterpart Instagram shop and allows buyers to pay with GCash for added convenience.

Titas Find Shop

Titas Find Shop is a brand with a mission: sell Filipino-made wooden crafts to support local artisans. This Facebook shop distinguishes itself from the rest by offering a tailored set of minimalist acacia dinnerware. 

Titas Find Shop items are the perfect fit for anyone who wants a more minimalist aesthetic with the earthy character of wooden wares. Recently, the shop began to expand its selection to quirky wooden pieces and woven baskets, too—something to keep an eye out for.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your space an upgrade. Best of all, with these online shops, you can support local businesses while staying safe at home.

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