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Here Are All the Ways You Can Make Your Life Easier This Rainy Season

It all starts with the smartphone you’re holding

As people who reside in a country with a climate spectrum that spans across hot, hotter and wet, we know first-hand just how tedious the day-to-day can become in the rainy season. The lines go from long to longer and the traffic that can’t seem to get worse proves that yes, it can.

In the face of the rain, we lose quite a number of the conveniences we can typically enjoy. However, there’s always that silver lining––even when it’s rain clouds we’re talking about. When bad weather strikes, we go into troubleshoot mode and think on our rain-soaked feet. How can the day-to-day be made even simpler?

The answer likely fits right in your hand.

It’s an opportunity to simplify, to think outside the box and in the palm. The rainy season might put a few hurdles in our way, but with a mobile phone, the right apps and a reliable data connection, there are still a number of ways to make our lives easier.

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Skip the line at the bank


Between bills payments, payday withdrawals, and paying for that piece of clothing find you purchased online, there will always be reasons for us to head over to the bank every now and then. Thankfully, we live in the digital age, and we aren’t quite as dependent on brick-and-mortar branches as we used to be. The internet has driven us to take a turn for the convenient: now, almost everything we needed to visit the bank for can be done with a few quick taps on our phone screens.

Arguably one of the most useful additions you can make to your home screen, GCash serves up not only payment and transfer functions, but investment and credit as well. If you’re looking for something a little more pared back, hit download on a traditional banking app like BPI’s mobile banking application.

Download GCash on the App Store or Google Play.

Don’t forget your rainy day outfit!

When the month of June starts rearing its head in the form of hot-to-rainy mood swings, one of the first changes we make is the sartorial sort. Our wardrobes change and adapt to the times, and the rainy season is no exception.

For some, the rainy season means unearthing the sweaters that were hiding in the backs of our closets all summer long. For others, thickening clouds is a signal to dress in lightweight cottons in anticipation of the humidity that is bound to follow the rain, while for most, it simply means dialing outfits back to the basics: jeans, a tee, and a trusty hoodie.


Wherever you might fall along the rain-ready style spectrum, one thing’s for sure: apps like Zalora are a godsend. With countless brands and offerings for both men and women, nationwide delivery and a cash on delivery option, it takes the chore out of beefing up our seasonal wardrobes.

Download the Zalora App on the App Store or Google Play.

Equip yourself with the rainy day gear you need


When we think of rainy day essentials, we don’t just reach a full stop with clothes. What about rain boots to wear over the sneakers we want to keep white and tidy? What about an umbrella that won’t bend and break with a persistent gust of wind?

This is where Lazada comes in handy. With an app literally within your fingers’ reach, there’s no need to take a trip to department stores or convenience stores to be fully prepared for the rainy days that loom over us. 

With just a search, skim and tap of the checkout button, you can check all your rainy season essentials off your list while you’re on the go.

Download the Lazada App on the App Store or Google Play.

Let Booky handle that dinner date for you

As we learn every time the rainy season rolls around, life doesn’t stop just because the traffic thickens, the skies turn gray and productivity slows. There’s just no hitting pause on those lunch meetings and social obligations––but if you can’t skip them, why not make them a little easier to handle at the very least?

Instead of having to run a Google search for the best restaurants in an area, open up Booky and peruse their roster of establishments.


Make a booking through the app, and you might even get a hefty discount (they’ve got up to 2000 restaurants linked with their Booky membership, by the way). An all-around lifestyle app, Booky can help with finding the best and nearest places to work out and schedule your spa or salon days––much deserved after days spent dealing with the turbulent weather, right?

Download Booky on the App Store or Google Play.

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There’s no need to fear the rainy season. Download, use and stay connected with these convenient applications all day long with Globe Postpaid. Click through to discover ThePLAN best suited for you!

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