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Riverdale x Covergirl: Cop The Looks Of Betty, Veronica & Cheryl - go!
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Riverdale x Covergirl: Cop The Looks Of Betty, Veronica & Cheryl

Are you going for sweet, mysterious or powerful?  

The girls of Riverdale are forces to be reckoned with, each one with her own strengths, principles and skills. But if there is one thing they have in common, it’s rocking their unique looks. Each aesthetic, from hair and makeup to wardrobe, is completely reflective of the their personality. And we can’t help but be in awe of Betty, Veronica and Cheryl every time they appear onscreen.

Betty Cooper: The sweet and innocent girl-next-door

We all know by now that Betty can kick some serious behind, but her look still screams girl-next-door. She’s a double-edged sword that will go after what she wants, but will still turn up the innocent act when necessary. Her look therefore depends on barely-there makeup and glowing skin. 

Cop the look with Covergirl’s Clean Matte liquid foundation, a natural lip color and a light pink blush.

Veronica Lodge: The mysterious new girl

From the moment she stepped into Riverdale, we knew she was going to spice up the town. Veronica’s straight-to-the point nature makes her virtually untouchable, but her don’t-mess-with-me attitude makes her equal parts mysterious and seductive. The trick is to define and draw attention to her eyes. 

Steal the look with Covergirl’s So Lashy mascara, a dark lip and strong cheekbones.

Cheryl Blossom: The powerful queen bee


She’s a bit all over the place, but we love Cheryl for her courage, loyalty and strength. She’s the Queen Bee of Riverdale High and everyone knows it. Nevertheless, she makes sure no one forgets by way of a powerful lip. It’s a classic look that has stayed on trend throughout the year and we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon. 


Copy the look with help from Covergirl’s Outlast All Day color and gloss paired with a bronze cheek and lightly defined eyes. 

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