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7 Things on Sephora We Can’t Wait to Try in April

A probable list of your next beauty buys

We’ve kept a tight hold on our purse strings all month and, alas, it’s time that grip loosened up a bit. Clearly this means we’re succumbing to the payday mini-splurge. But in our book, this short stint of (the already occasional) retail therapy is sound. What matters for us anyway is we get to go straight for the good stuff that gives us the bang for our buck.

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This time around, it’s about the hunt for the next worthwhile beauty buy: What’s new on Sephora and all else that falls under that attention-grabbing new arrivals section?

Bright Future Smoothing & Brightening Concealer by Sephora

Review: “If you're looking for something with sheer coverage, and brightening properties for underneath the eyes (to complete and complement contouring), this does just the trick!”—user 5billionlashes on Sephora

Lightweight, easy to blend and practically second-skin: Sephora’s newest brush-on concealer works to highlight, conceal signs of fatigue and fade blemishes and marks. Always wanted to cop YSL’s Touche Éclat Face Highlighter Pen? Here’s the next best thing.

Body Lava Body Luminizer from Fenty Beauty

Review: “Without effort you can look like a Queen. My goodness all of the body lava's are amazing but Trophy Wife was the missing link. I have all 3 and hands down Trophy Wife is my life line. I love the glow, texture and smell. This is all you need for the Summer. Riri hit another one to the moon. My favorite product of Fenty is the body lava. A dime size is all you need for the upper part of your body. Get TROPHY WIFE.”—user Cynthia Miller on Fenty Beauty

Basically, a beach vacation glow in a bottle. This limited-edition Fenty Beauty body luminizer comes in three tints “Trophy Wife,” “Brown Sugar” and “Who Needs Clothes?!” all in a light, floral vanilla scent.

Body Lava Body Luminizer from Fenty Beauty

FENTY BEAUTY Body Lava Body Luminizer, P3,650

Riviera Eye Shadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics

Review: “Are there colorful palettes on the market YES, have we seen it all before YES! However, there’s something about this color combo that just knocks me off me feet! It’s beautiful, and they are highly pigmented, they blend beautifully and I experienced little to no fall out! She’s done the neutral warm tones to death! This is a beautiful change and a beautiful addition to my collection.”—user RaeBanuelos on Sephora

Another highly coveted palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills featuring 14 punchy, summer-ready mattes and metallics.

Riviera Eye Shadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Riviera Eye Shadow Palette, P2,930

Anti-Blemish Patches by Sephora

Review: “I love these. I just wish there were more in a pack! There’s only twelve and honey, I have more spots than your average dairy cow. However, that being said, they’re still really effective—spots cleared overnight and became flat and pink instead of white and painful. The pictures on them are so cute and fun, too, making me want to use them!”—user McKenzie Dowson on Sephora Australia

Packed with salicylic acid and natural green tea extract, Sephora’s new set of skin-healing patches have nasty breakouts covered from start to finish: they combat redness, calm the skin and let pimples ride through the natural course of a breakout a whole lot quicker.

Anti-Blemish Patches by Sephora

SEPHORA COLLECTION Anti-Blemish Patches, P153

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Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil by Frank Body

Review: “This by far is the best makeup removing agent I’ve seen before! It gets everything off with one wipe after application, and as a bonus made my skin feel hydrated and smooth!”—user Amy W. on Frank Body

An all-natural cleansing product that melts away stubborn makeup and deep-seated dirt, leaving skin squeaky clean but plump and moisturized. This turns into “milky liquid when mixed with water to leave your skin clear, bright and panda-eye free.”

Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil by Frank Body

FRANK BODY Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil, P1,480

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Milk & Honey Body Lotion by Burt's Bees

Review: “I love this lotion and use it every time after I shower. I have eczema and non-natural lotion dried out my skin. This lotion keeps my skin moisturized all day and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I also love the scent of this lotion as it’s not overbearing but lasts.”—user E.K. on Amazon

It goes without saying: hot summer days call for extra reinforcement. Burt’s Bees body lotion promises up to 24 hours of moisture.

Milk & Honey Body Lotion by Burt's Bees

BURT’S BEES Milk & Honey Body Lotion, P1,115

Hoola Caramel Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics

Review: “I am a fair skinned girl who needs to wear bronzer or I get the question of "are you feeling okay?"... Thanks for thinking I look ill everyone! I have tried MANY bronzers in the past both high end and low end and never could seem to find the right one. Some were way to dark (even the lightest shade) and some were way to orange and made it look like I was wearing bronzer. The 'Hoola by Benefit' bronzer has become a must have in my beauty bag. I take it everywhere I go. It is a subtle glow that I need but can be built up if I am looking for something more dramatic. I love the packaging, the smell, and the mirror. The brush is "okay" but I do love using it when I am contouring my cheek bones. Even though it is expensive I cannot resist buying it. The bronzer lasts me about 4 months so for something that works this good I do not mind splurging. All in all—this is the best bronzer out there for fair skinned girls. I give it 5 stars.”—user kaitville on Sephora

Natural-looking, buildable and comes in a matte finish: this cult favorite is key for that back-from-the-beach bronze.

Hoola Caramel Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics

BENEFIT COSMETICS Hoola Caramel Bronzer, P1,990

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Art Isabella Canlas

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