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A Rundown of the New School Essentials You Can Get on Shopee

Because school supplies shopping is *actually* the best part of a new school year

It’s that time of the year again! In preparation for back-to-school season, Globe Prepaid users get an exclusive 10% discount on Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, Shopee, with the new GoSAKTO90 promo available until July 31.

Start ticking off things from your to-do list by shopping for new school supplies at the convenience of your own home. Just register to GoSAKTO90. Text GOSAKTO90 to 8080, await the confirmation message with the available promo codes and claim the one for SHOPEE by replying: GOSAKTO90<space>PROMO CODE KEYWORD (example: GOSAKTO90 SHOPEE). The exclusive discount can be used with no minimum spend required with a maximum discount of P200.

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Everyday Notebooks

Note taking is, literally, a must for academic survival. Jot down notes or carry out the lost art of journaling as your mind quickly moves from one thought to the next. These iconic notebooks from Moleskine feature limited edition characters from Harry Potter, Super Mario to Pokémon—name it, they’ve got it all!

External Hard Drive

SEAGATE 1TB Slim Backup Plus External Hard Drive

With the barrage of paperwork and files—plates, audio and video work—it’s necessary to back them up on a portable external hard drive. You don’t ever have to worry about filling up your computer’s storage space. The price might be a bit hefty for a student’s budget but it’s definitely worth the investment!

Insulated Water Bottle

PSA: Stay hydrated! This modern, reusable water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 25 hours and hot for 12. It’s lightweight and leak-proof, too. Do your part in reducing waste and have a reusable bottle at hand for your day-to-day.

Graphic Coin Purse

ARTWORK Coin Purse
ARTWORK Coin Purse, P189
ARTWORK Coin Purse
ARTWORK Coin Purse, P189

Para po! Make everyday commuting easier with a graphic coin purse that is functional as it is über kawaii. It’s small enough to carry anywhere and can even be a conversation starter. It can also store your Chapstick because we don’t want dehydrated lips—not to mention your ID, too!

Weekly Planner

Forgot to purchase a planner at the beginning of the year? Don’t fret! These witty mid-year planners have no dates for guilt-free task taking. Keep track of your academic assignments, take note of your extracurriculars and even jot down mindless doodles. You do you! 

It’s about time you allowed yourself to live a little extra and gave your wallet a break at the same time. Make every day extra with GoSAKTO90 and score free promo codes for apps like Shopee until July 31. With GoSAKTO90, Prepaid users get 2GB of data, unlimited texts to all networks and an additional free 2GB of data for GoWATCH & Play on top of the exclusive Shopee discount. Free promo codes are also available on GoSURF and EasySURF 299 & up and GoSAKTO 120 & up. For more details, visit

Download Shopee through the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android.

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