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How to Plan a Worthwhile Staycation at Home - go!
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How to Plan a Worthwhile Staycation at Home

Give yourself a break

While some aspects of our lives have started to resemble "normal," (or how things used to be, that is) there are some things that we still can’t do. No matter how much we miss traveling, local and international boundaries just can’t be crossed right now. Even the idea of a staycation at a hotel seems a little farfetched…but the entire concept of a staycation is staying in—and that’s something we can definitely do. 

Below, some things to consider (and plan) for your perfect staycation at home.

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Splurge on food

What is one of the best things about a vacation? The food. 

So look over your Grab app, your Food Panda app or order straight from one of your favorite restaurants. Skip over the fast food options and get something really good, something you’ve been wanting to have for a while but didn’t think you should because it’s a little on the expensive side of things. Order it even if it isn’t on today’s diet menu, too. 

And this part is completely up to you: you can either put everything on real plates and serving dishes and hold the cleanup for a few hours or you can eat straight from the take out containers. The former option allows you to treat yourself to a more “real” meal, but the latter means no dishes to cleanup afterwards. 

Change your sheets and leave the AC on

Does anyone else remember what it’s like to walk into a fully air-conditioned room and sink into a bed with newly washed sheets? 

We suggest to turn on your AC unit and change your sheets before the day gets darker—so you can have the evening to do nothing (or something) in cool temperatures. We know that the worry about turning on the AC is the financial cost that comes after, but need we remind you that you’re on vacation? Splurge a little; you would if you were doing a staycation elsewhere anyway. 

Take a long bath—with all the works

Not all of us have a bathtub at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the act of showering any less ordinary. Light a candle of a scent that you love; don’t rush yourself and actually work in the shampoo and conditioner into your hair and scalp. Bring out the big guns and exfoliate, wear that bathrobe that seems just a little too much to use on the daily and don’t change out of it unless you’re really ready. 

And while we’re on the topic of changing into clothes, remember to choose an outfit that’s comfortable!

Turn off your notifications

Ah, here’s a big one that we might all have a little trouble with: turning off the notifications. You might think we mean just work, but not necessarily—of course work is in there, but we also mean those update groups you’re in for news, the school groups you’re in and maybe even for those with your family and friends. This is about having time to yourself (and maybe those who you currently live with). 

If you really cannot turn off the notifications, at least put them on silent and check-in at strategic points in the night (after dinner, after your bath, after the current episode of the show you’re binge-watching). 

Allow yourself to relax

Invest in an activity that won’t push you to think or even act so much; let your mind and body rest. Sometimes this means putting on a classic rom-com via HBO GO, an old black and white film on Netflix or even just blasting a beloved album on Spotify. Maybe it means cracking open a book you purchased some time ago or just laying down and staring at the ceiling—whatever your choice, be active in unplugging from your usual responsibilities. 

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There are some things that seem like a far-off reality right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re left with nothing. It might take a little more work to get a staycation at home going, but it is possible. Just think about it: at least you can stay safe at home and you won’t need to worry about the other logistics. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Matthew Fetalver

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