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What To Do If You’re Staying In This Holy Week

Here’s how you can keep yourself busy


Sure, most people take advantage of the upcoming holiday to get out of town—whether it’s to visit their provinces or to just relax. But there are some of us that have a less activity-filled long weekend to look forward to right here in the Metro. And if some of you are dreading the long hours, fear not, because there is still a lot to do.


Netflix and chill, literally

If the religious documentaries, movies and series that are sure to grace our TVs this weekend are not your thing, then thank God there’s Netflix. There are so many series to catch up on that you practically won’t have time for anything else. So turn on your television, curl up with some snacks and binge on. Or if you prefer to watch via your smartphone, make sure to keep your phone protected with the Nanofixit 3-in-1 screen protector.



To optimize your viewing experience, take advantage of Globe At Home plans. Plans 1299 and up come bundled with 6 months of Netflix without any additional charges. Check the availability for your area here.


Dig into that pile of books

If television isn’t your thing, then we can bet you have a stack of unopened books to get through. Now is the time to open them up and start reading, because—let’s face it—it gets hard to find time during the normal working grind. You can grab a cold drink and just sit down in a corner to read. Or lay down in bed and get through those pages—whatever floats your boat.


Sweat with purpose

The heat has been terrible lately and it’s not a good feeling to wake up in a pool of sweat. So we suggest actually moving and getting those endorphins you’ve been missing out on lately. There are so many different ways to work out, even at home, so there really is no excuse now. 


Visit churches

Yes, that’s right. You still have to do something to commemorate the Holy Week. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful Churches around Metro Manila that won’t take you hours to get to. Make a trip out of it with your family.



Visit The Walkway at BGC

If churches and traditional prayer aren’t your thing, then head to Bonifacio High Street Central, where you can immerse yourself in art that’s inspired by the Stations Of the Cross and music. On Easter Sunday, you can even catch a live performance by Grammy Award winning band Switchfoot. 



We dare you to move.


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