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Better for It: Update Your 2022 Streaming With YouTube Channels That Are Good for You

Refresh (and upgrade) your YouTube subscribe list

In the grand tradition of falling into content blackholes on YouTube, a lot of us have turned to the platform to get lost in entertainment. Utilizing the streaming platform for that helping of just-for-fun content is good and all, but it’s a missed opportunity to not look into channels that help—be it in the realms of personal development, career enhancement, people skills and even general knowledge. Here, stream better. Subscribe to these YouTube channels to make good-for-you content part of your 2022 streaming habit.

Pick Up Limes

Get better at approaching health and wellness with Pick Up Limes, a channel that aims to “make a nourishing plant-based lifestyle accessible to everyone.” Founder Sadia Badiei, with her team of seven other creators, got her start when the website took off. “I started Pick Up Limes sometime around 2014 when I was making the transition to a vegan lifestyle,” says Badiei on the website. This led to her going all-out with creating and sharing recipes, producing articles on wellness, and expanding to YouTube.

Kati Morton

Get better at understanding the mind with Kati Morton, a licensed therapist who has dedicated her YouTube channel to posting mental health videos that help spread awareness, educate and empower people. Taboo topics aren’t seen as such here, as Morton approaches topics like depression, disorders and more with clarity and compassion.

The Financial Diet

Get better with money when you subscribe to the official YouTube channel of The Financial Diet. Much like their podcast that makes the road to financial independence less intimidating, this channel is all about debunking money myths and getting real about common money mistakes. If their end goal is to talk about personal finance “in a way that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and cry,” then they’ve definitely succeeded.

The School of Life

Get better at, well, life. This channel is run by a collective of psychologists, philosophers and writers “devoted to helping people lead calmer and more resilient lives.” Everything from overcoming shyness to self-love, The School of Life is here to share “ideas on how to understand ourselves better, improve our relationships, take stock of our careers and deepen our social connections—as well as find serenity and grow more confident in facing challenges.”

Fast Company

Get better at balancing work and play. With a balanced mix of entertaining and informative content, Fast Company, as the world’s leading progressive business media brand, packages topics like innovation in technology, ethical economics, leadership and design in exciting ways the everyday viewer can appreciate.


Get better at creating. Whether or not you’re a regular user of the online design platform Canva, there are a ton of reasons to subscribe to their YouTube channel. From workshops you can tune into for free, too, to designing material for social media, Canva’s YouTube is chock-full of informative design lessons that ought to be useful to all kinds of creatives today.

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