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5 Crafts You Can Try Out To De-Stress - go!
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5 Crafts You Can Try Out To De-Stress

Sometimes, all we need to wind down is to keep our hands and heads busy over a mindless task

Outlets for stress relief vary for each person. At the end of the day, we’re all looking for ways to calm ourselves down after a day (or two) of tension keeping us on edge though it’s possible that our go-to solutions get old after a while. Or maybe you’d want a different kind of mind-occupier for a full-on stress release session. Maybe you can try out these five stress relief crafts in your own time!

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Painting By Numbers

Channel your inner Bob Ross without the added brain power of thinking of a subject by painting-by-numbers. We know, it’s something you often see in children’s coloring books. But maybe all we need this time around is to tap into our inner kid by keeping it simple. Matching the colors to the numbers and making sure to not fill in beyond the lines aren’t the most tedious of tasks, but both do the trick of distracting us!

Check out small canvases at and more complex designs at

Bullet Journaling

Okay, hear us out. You don’t have to start bullet journaling for work-related or school-related reasons. You can begin with creating cute new spreads for your interests: movie watchlists, all-time favorite albums and more! That’s the beauty of journaling. Create a spread about anything just to get your mind occupied and your pent up creativity rolling. Not to mention, you can zhuzh it up with magazine clippings and scratch papers—materials you can easily find at home.

Find all your bullet journal basics on Shopee or Lazada.

Building Mini-Scale Models

If you’re looking for a challenging stress relief craft that requires more focus, check out building mini-scale models. Achieving the final mini-house requires a lot of concentration and precision so they won’t come out wonky. This is definitely one of the better ways to forget about everything else and let time flow. You’ll only realize that half a day has passed once you’re done with your scale model of your dream house.

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Need an instant de-stressing mechanism you can do for a short while? Try crocheting! A few calming breaths and a handful of repetitive loops and pulls later, you’ll be surprised. You’ve probably gotten your bearings back and you might even progress with a really cute coaster, hat or bag. Who knows, this could even be the best next gift idea for the holidays, or even a new side hustle you can start!

Get your crocheting basics at Gantsilyo Guru, Shopee or Lazada.

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If you want to level up your sewing skills, maybe you can try out embroidery. It’s a mix of the focus of building mini-scale models and the repetition of crochet. From simple lettering to adorable icons, the sky’s the limit with the designs you can do! You can even start customizing your own tote bags, shirts and more once you’ve mastered it.

Find embroidery starter kits from on Instagram.

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These are just a handful of de-stressing mechanisms you can try out to wind down or ignore the world for a bit. If all else fails and all you find yourself still strung out, maybe burning some candles or taking a nap might help. Remember, do this because you need another outlet and not another stress-inducing project.

Looking for a less hardworking way to de-stress? Don’t worry! Check out these Globe-exclusive apps for more ways to wind down.

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