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Summer Adventure Essentials You Can Cop on the Globe Shop

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Now that it’s safer (and, in the case of outdoor activities, encouraged) to head out for summer, it’s time to reassemble that adventure wish list and get to it. Summer 2022 is an opportune moment to enjoy the great outdoors, fly out, get on the road. So long as you continue to follow the safety and health protocols—from getting yourself tested regularly to taking extra precautions when eating out—there’s no reason you can’t have the summer you’ve been craving since the start of quarantine.

For whatever summer adventure you might have in mind, ahead are some items worth including in your summer 2022 packing list.

0917 Great Wave Windbreaker, ₱1,077

When navigating excursions outdoors and going up against the elements, a lightweight windbreaker is ideal. The 0917 Great Wave Windbreaker is a versatile, loose-fitting jacket with dedicated slot for accessories such as earphones, and comes in an ultra-cool diamond ripstop fabric for maximum comfort.

0917 Great Wave Windbreaker

0917 Dry Bag, ₱595

Got a rain-or-shine, land-and-sea adventure ahead? Keep your valuables safe in an all-weather-ready bag. The 0917 Dry Bag has a generous 20-liter capacity, comes with a secure roll top design, and is made of sturdy PVC material.

0917 Dry Bag

Xiaomi Commuter Smart Helmet, ₱1,995

On the topic of summer commutes and thinking about safety first: make sure you’re set with your gear, whether you’re taking a bike with you or a scooter. The Xiaomi Commuter Smart Helmet features an automatic light-sensing warning light that’s bright enough to alert motorists but easy on the eyes. It also comes with a whopping 180 hours of standby time, a total of 36 hours of battery life and considerable waterproofing.

Xiaomi Commuter Smart Helmet

0917 Aircross Face Mask, ₱345

Because masking is still a must, make sure you take washable face masks with you on your trip. The 0917 Aircross Face Masks are ideal, as they come with an effective sleeve with PM 2.5 filters. Since they’re designed for long-term use, the ear guards here can easily snap on to protect you from sores caused by prolonged masking.

0917 Aircross Face Mask

0917 Wireless Outdoor Speaker, ₱1,195

Share your summer playlists with the whole crew. Trips are always better when you get to bring a portable Bluetooth speaker with you; ideally, it’s one you can grab and go on the trip with. The 0917 Outdoor Wireless speaker is specially designed to give you range and reach, boasting eight hours of uninterrupted play time.

0917 Wireless Outdoor Speaker

0917 UVC 600ml Water Bottle, ₱1,895

Insulated and equipped with UVC technology, the 0917 UVC Water Bottle is your new adventure companion that ensures you stay hydrated with a drink that stays cool for hours on end. The UVC light feature, in addition, works to disinfect the water you take along with you.

0917 UVC 600ml Water Bottle

0917 2-in-1 Cable Keychain, ₱495

Quick, convenient charging is now at your fingertips on trips. Perfect for on-the-go phone charging, this two-in-one cable comes with a built-in carabiner so you can bring it anywhere you go. You’re free to experience universal charging and syncing when you can change between Type-C and micro-USB connectors.

0917 2-in-1 Cable Keychain

Speaking of summer: catch the best summer deals on the Globe Shop, where you can cop everything from mobile phones and WiFi devices, to smart devices and apparel. Featured brands now include Xioami, while the latest in exclusives feature NCT.

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