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Turn Your Beauty Routine into a Summer-Ready Regimen with These Ingredients

Say hello to some of the best ingredients for cooling, sun protection, and oil regulation!

There’s undoubtedly a science to beauty, but when it comes down to it, regimen-building mostly boils down to trial and error. As it is, you probably have a skincare routine in place, one you’ve found works for your skin type, issues and the sometimes hot-sometimes rainy climate that eternally plagues the country. Whether your beauty recipe has two steps or ten, this much is certain: it isn’t about the number of products you use, but how effective they are.

Every now and then, though, we should stop and rethink our beauty routines. Is your existing regimen summer-ready? How can you improve it? There are tons of products in the market that are made out of ingredients that are amazing at conquering every skincare struggle the summer brings. Whether your summer woe is the rising temperature, excess oil production or even sunburn, there’s bound to be an ingredient that can take your beauty regimen from good to even better.

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Witch Hazel


Triad Pads, P1474

Witch hazel has a name that makes it sound like it belongs in some kind of mystical potion, and with all its benefits and properties that work across almost all skin types, it might just be a little magical after all. Witch hazel is lauded for regulating sebum production and keeping excess oil at bay. It minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, too, a common consequence of overheated skin. Add those benefits to the fact that it tightens, soothes, and works beautifully with most skin types and sunburned skin, and you’ve got an all-around skincare solution for the summer.



Mamie Blue Pack, P550

A favorite for its natural menthol and cooling abilities, peppermint goes a long way in treating flare-ups and nursing the skin back to health. It stimulates by promoting circulation and blood flow, balances oil levels and has an invigorating scent, too.



Argan & Cucumber Nourishing Eye Cream, P349


Cucumber Tonic Mask, P1005

Cucumber, in skincare, doesn’t differ from its effects when mixed into food. That’s right: that crisp, refreshing feeling still sticks. Sensitivity isn’t a skin type—rather, it's an issue that everyone can be privy to, no matter where they fall in the dry to oily spectrum. Cucumber addresses sensitivity wonderfully by cooling, minimizing pores and improving acne ever so gently.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera Toner, P1072

A favorite of all-out beauty buffs and practicers of bare minimum skincare alike, aloe vera is deserving of its status as a miracle plant. A popular sunburn cure, aloe vera gels and sprays provide a relaxing effect to overheated skin (especially when popped into the fridge before use!). Slathering this on areas of the face that are prone to large pores can also help in improving the skin’s texture overall.

Zinc Oxide


Purifying Mud Mask, P946

Scientific terms like zinc oxide can sound a little intimidating, but the hesitation is well worth getting over. Zinc oxide packs a hefty one-two punch of positives with sun protection, acne prevention, and sebum regulation being among the most popular. Sunscreens that contain zinc oxide are a great match for sensitive skin, too!

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Make sure your beauty regimen is as summer-ready as you are! Which ingredients will you be trying out in the summer months?

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Art Alex Lara

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