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These Merchants Prove Sustainability Is At The Heart Of Filipinos

The switch to sustainability doesn’t have to be so hard with The Good Trade

Sustainability is one of those topics that can seem tricky at least, intimidating at best. By now, we all know that we should be making the switch to eco-friendly everything, ridding our households—no, our lives—of single-use plastics, but the thought in itself remains a little terrifying because of what it entails. Are we supposed to turn away from enterprises that we’ve been loyal to for years? And in their place, do we find new brands that adhere to sustainable standards?

In a word, yes. Caring for our environment and supporting local businesses are unspoken responsibilities that we carry, after all. However, despite how daunting it might seem to make the conscious switch, we have more options than we realize. Case in point: The Good Trade.

True to its name, The Good Trade spotlights all the good we should be paying attention to: zero-waste, eco-conscious, community-driven, cruelty-free, local. Gathering these businesses and NGOs into a one-stop (online) store, they not only make the switch to sustainability less of a task: they put lesser-known businesses backed by ethical practices on our radar, too.

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Zero-Waste & Eco-Conscious

It takes extra dedication to source materials and produce goods while considering its impact on the environment, but these brands have nailed the perfect balance between creating essential products while keeping waste and carbon footprint to a minimum.

Artisan & Local

A good portion of The Good Trade’s roster of merchants uses high quality, locally sourced materials and ingredients: time-testing and for keeps.


HABI HOME Dinah Catch All Basket, P400




HUMI Alex Go Sling, P1147.5

Fair Trade & Cruelty-Free 

One of The Good Trade’s missions is to help connect customers with businesses that empower them to shop better, smarter and more responsibly. One of the ways to do so is by supporting brands and start-ups that utilize cruelty-free materials and give back to the small-scale producers by engaging in fair trade.


THE RUBY PANTRY Maccheroni Chickpea Pasta, P187


NAKED FUSION Enigma Cleansing Bar, P297.5


1020 SCOUT Spot Stuffed Animal, P351

Cause-Driven & Community-Driven

We’ve heard it countless times through the quarantine: now is the time to be helping out local businesses and small communities. If you’re looking for a cause and community to support, let The Good Trade be your compass.


ATALIE Essential Oil Beginner Kit, P1273.3


BALAIKAMAY Mirihana Laptop Riser, P2124.15

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Matthew Fetalver

Photos Instagram/SproosCreatives

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