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Things To Do That Don’t Involve A Screen

Turn it off!

With activities limited to anything in-home nowadays, it can get a little tempting to just stay on-screen the entire day—whether that’s for work, personal video calls, Netflix or even just YouTube. But too much time in front of any screen is bad for anyone (not to mention a little monotonous). 

But there are still things to do around the house that don’t involve pixels and high-definition. Let this list remind you of all the things you promised to get done when you finally have the time and you can now get started on.

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Clean until everything is clear

Closets are a must to weed through every couple of months, but that’s not all we’re talking about here. It’s time to sift through that corner of your house that has become a dumping ground for items that fall under the “maybe I’ll need it one day” category. A little rule of thumb: If you haven’t had a use for it in the past 12 months, you’re likely never to use it at all. 

And if the items are still useable, please donate them instead of dumping them. Old clothes, a microwave that you upgraded some time ago, extra blankets—your trash can literally be someone else’s treasure. 

Read a book (and/or write a journal entry)

Not all of us are readers, but we can all learn from someone else’s perspective. If it’s a fictional piece, you’ll get to see the world through someone else’s eyes; if it’s non-fiction, then you’re bound to pick something up about history, self-help, philosophy—anything that you have around the house. And the best part about reading from a physical book? No one’s comments are at the bottom of it. 

While you have your head in words, why not give journaling a try, too? What you write need not be deep or thought-provoking; it just has to be whoever you are and whatever you’re feeling at that moment. 

Fix yourself up for no reason 

We know that your outside clothes haven’t being seeing the light of day and—if you’re into it—your makeup probably hasn’t been touched either. The question is: Why not?

Get yourself ready for the sole reason that it’ll make you feel better. And if you do need something (or someone) to do it for, then get your family or housemates in on it. Make tonight’s dinner a little special, even if it only looks like it. 

Wash your sneakers

For those of us whose everyday ensembles incorporate a pair of sneakers, now is the time to properly wash and dry our favorite footwear. Some pairs require special methods, special products and a great amount of attention, so why not now?

Besides, you won’t need to wear them out anytime soon.


The term “meditate” might have some of you running, but the truth is that meditation doesn’t have to be a full-blown affair. All it takes is a quiet corner and few deep and conscious breaths. With everything that’s going on externally and outside of our control, the least we can offer ourselves is a little bit of mental peace.

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It’s the weekend again, folks. How about we cut those dates with our smartphones, laptops and television sets first?  

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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